The Bicycle that Was Too Big

The Bicycle that Was Too Big

Roger had been asked by his father to carry the ashes out of the cellar. But when Roger saw that the can was filled with ashes and too heavy for him to carry, he went upstairs to whine and cry that he had been given a job too big for him. There certainly should be some way for Roger to get those ashes out. But how? That is what Roger should have figured out. There is a proverb which says: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." That is what Roger did not do. This is what he thought: "If at first you don't succeed, cry, cry again." If Roger wants to be a man, he has to stop crying and start trying. How could he have taken out the ashes? We "'will answer that a little later.

First, let me tell you about Bob and Hank. Bob was ten years old and Hank only seven. Being older, Bob was taller than Hank. Hank had a bicycle but Bob did not. Bob had learned to ride Hank's bicycle which was boy's size.

One day Bob's father bought a new bicycle for him. It was almost man's size. Bob was overjoyed with the new, shiny bicycle. He immediately tried to ride it, and promptly fell off and skinned his leg. Tears came into his eyes and he sobbed: "The bike is too big; I want a little one like Hank's."

The father had bought a big bicycle for Bob because he was growing fast, and in a short time a boy's size would have been too small. But Bob kept on crying and said that the bicycle was too big and that he did not want it.

Just at that time Hank came into the driveway. Seeing the new bicycle, he said, "O boy, Bob, you got your new bike, didn't you?"

"Uh-huh," said Bob and started to go into the house. Then the father had a bright idea. Turning to Hank, he said, "I wonder if you can ride this new bike. I know that you are smaller than Bob, and this is a man's size bike."

Hank's face lighted up with a broad smile. "I betcha I can!" he said. At once he mounted the bicycle, and wobbled a bit as he rode down the driveway. His short legs could not touch the pedals when they were at the bottom. He rode to the end of the block and back again. Bob had seen Hank, although much smaller than he, ride the bicycle that he thought was too big for him. Bob did not say a word, but he was thinking. He grabbed the bicycle, jumped on, fell off, jumped on again, fell off, and kept this up until he could ride it. The father was pleased, and as he walked away he said to himself, "I hope Bob will never forget the lesson, he learned today. If at first you don't succeed try and try again."

Now let us get back to Roger who said that the can of ashes was too big for him. He did not even stop to figure out a way for taking out the ashes. The ash can looked too big and at once he made up his mind that he could not do it. He could have put the ashes in a pail and carried them out one pailful at a time.

When something looks too big don't let it lick you. The bicycle looked big to Bob and when he was unable to ride it the first time he said it was too big. Hank was smaller than Bob and therefore the bicycle must have looked even bigger to him, but he said, "I can ride it," and he did. Bob finally learned to ride it by trying over and over again. Remember that "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

Edison did not invent the electric light the first time he tried. He tried again and again. It was a very big problem, but not too big for Edison. He worked and worked until he finally succeeded. That is the way he made many inventions.

It took a long time before man could fly an airplane. People said that it could not be done. The Wright brothers said that it could be done. They did not fly a plane the first time they tried. They tried again and again.

Anyone can do the things that are easy. But who wants to do easy things! Do the things that seem too big for you. They are not too big. Keep on trying and you will get there.

One time the disciples of Jesus had been fishing and caught nothing. They were ready to give up. Then Jesus encouraged them to try again, telling them to throw their nets on the other side of the ship. They followed his suggestion and caught many fish.

When you have to do something that seems too hard or too big, don't be a quitter. God likes people who try again and again and again.

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