On a hot summer day Jack and his father went to the beach to do some fishing. They got an early start and packed a good lunch for the sea air has a way of making a person very hungry. The place they chose to fish was a very rocky beach. On an over­hanging rock about twenty feet above the water they dropped their lines. Below were great boulders against which the mighty waves splashed with a deafening roar.

"Jack, I do not like to spoil our fun," said the father after they had been fishing for only a short time, "but it looks as if we might have a thunder shower."

"Oh, dad," sobbed Jack, "why does it have to rain on the only day we have for fishing. Everything always goes wrong, I never have any luck."

"Now, Jack," replied the father sternly, "I want you to stop whining. The sun will shine again after each storm."

"But what good is it if the sun shines tomorrow when I cannot go fishing," answered Jack, just as a fish grabbed his hook and started to run out to sea.

"Reel him in, Jack; easy now; don't let him get under that big boulder," advised the father while Jack was excitedly struggling with his fish.

When the fish was safely landed it began to pour. They ran for shelter to a nearby rock that protected them from the rain.

"Look, dad, it certainly is a dandy," said Jack as he held up the fish and admired it proudly. And it's a big one too, is it not?"

Jack had forgotten all about the rain as he exam­ined his fish again and again. In fact it had now stopped raining, but he did not know it until his father said, "Look Jack, there is a rainbow in the sky."

"Isn't it beautiful, dad? But what makes a rainbow?"

"Well, Jack, I do not know exactly what makes a rainbow, but you cannot have a rainbow without rain. First there must be rain and clouds, and then there must be the sun shining through the clouds on the rain."

"In school I read about a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Is that true, dad?"

"Jack, there is no pot of gold at the end of the rain­bow in the sky but there is something much better at the end of the rainbow that you can have in your heart."

"How can I have a rainbow in my heart," Jack wanted to know.

"Look here," said his father, "a while ago you were upset and angry because things did not go right. It started to rain and you did not like it. There are many things in life that we do not like. These things that trouble us are like the clouds and the rain."

"Well, if the things that trouble me are like clouds and rain in my heart, what is there to shine in my heart to make a rainbow there?" asked Jack.

"God!" replied the father. "The sun shining upon rain and clouds makes a rainbow, when you let God look in upon your troubles and when you let God help you, you will have a rainbow in your heart. This means that God can help you in trouble and make you happy. Happiness is far better than a pot of gold. To have God in your heart is better than a pot of gold. Just remember Jack, that you cannot have a rainbow in the sky without the sun, and you cannot have a rainbow in your heart without God."

By this time Jack and his father were back on the big rock fishing. Great waves rolled in until they hit the boulders below. The spray and tumbling water formed a very fine mist.

"Look dad," said Jack, "there are little rainbows in the spray. What makes the rainbows there?"

"The same things that make any rainbow," replied the father. "Look how troubled the sea is, it is dashed against the rocks and the spray flies high. And then there is the sun shining on all that troubled and tumbling water and that makes the rainbows. The answer is still the same. A person who has God shining on him when he is troubled and disturbed like this sea, will have rainbows in his heart."

"Thanks dad, for telling me about the rainbows but remember we promised mother that we would bring home enough fish for dinner," reminded Jack.

After sometime several more fish were caught. Therefore Jack and his father returned home happy and contented.

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