Judge Brown

Judge Brown

A certain Judge Brown had many people who had broken the law brought before him in his court. Some had stolen money, some had broken speed limits with their automobiles, others had quarreled with their neighbors, still others did not pay their debts, and many others had broken the law in some way or other. The duty of a judge is to punish them according to the crime they have committed. Some he fined a certain sum of money, others he sent to prison for a short time, and still others went to prism for many years.

To punish people as Judge Brown had to do is not the easiest kind of work. So when next he had a holiday, he decided to find rest by gang fishing. He always had success catching fish up the stream above a swimming hole. It was a hot summer day, and as he walked by the swimming hole, a group of boys were bathing. Most of them knew Judge Brown and wished him a Good-morning.

But Judge Brown was not to catch any fish that day. Before he had his hook in the water, he heard one of the boys whose name was Frank shouting for help. Several boys were doing their best to save him from drowning but without success. The Judge ran to the swimming hole to help. He was not in swimming practice but he plunged in and saved Frank's life. There was no more fishing for Judge Brown that day.

As the years passed, Frank received a bad reputation. He fell among bad companions. Once or twice he was warned that unless he changed his ways, he would be sent to a Reformatory School where they try to change bad boys into good boys. Once he ran away from home because he did not want to go to school. The police finally found him and took him home.

Frank was now a young man, and most of the people that knew him did not trust him. So it was hard for him to keep a steady job. He associated with the rough and tough men of town. One day he had only a few pennies in his pocket and so he decided that he would rob a store. That night he broke into a grocery store, and the police caught him stealing money from the cash register.

Frank was taken into court for robbing the store. He was found guilty. He would now have to appear before a judge to receive his punishment. When he stood before the judge, he recognized him to be Judge Brown who years earlier had saved his life. And Judge Brown recognized the criminal before him as Frank. Frank thought that this man who had once saved his life would surely have mercy on him now. "Your honor," said Frank, "I am the man you once saved from drowning; you certainly will not condemn me to prison."

Judge Brown looked at Frank a long time before he answered. He felt deeply sorry for him. He remembered how happy Frank had been on the day he saved his life, and how he had thanked him again and again. And now, he who had been that happy, thankful boy, stood before him as a criminal. Finally, Judge Brown leaned forward and looking deeply into his eyes, said, "Frank, on the day I saved you from drowning, I was your savior but today I am your judge." Then Judge Brown sentenced him to spend some time in prison.

The Bible speaks of God as the great Judge. It tells us that there is a day of Judgment when we all shall appear before that great Judge. If we live a life like Frank we have reasons to be afraid.

But, God who will be our Judge then, is our Savior now. He wants to help us and save us from a life like Frank's. He sent Jesus to be our Savior. If we take Jesus as our Savior we really are safe. Then we will not go into evil and wicked ways like Frank. Jesus will keep us safe. Then we do not have to be afraid to appear before the great Judge God.

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