What Can I Do for You?

What Can I Do for You?

"So whatever you wish that men would do to you. do so to them; for this is the law and the prophets."—Matt. 7.17

These are the words you're asked when you enter a store: "What can I do for you?" Or you may hear this question spoken by a clerk, "May I help you?"

We can learn much from these two questions. For in a way they can represent our whole viewpoint on life.

Every boy and girl must ask this question of themselves: What can I do for the world?
This question breaks down into further questions such as: What talents and personal gifts do I have that the world needs? How can I serve God and my fellow men? What training must I have to prepare myself for the greatest service possible? Every young person should think seriously of the right answers.

Not long ago I heard a family moving to a new community. In looking around for a church to attend, they asked themselves: Which church offers us the most? Where can we get the most?

They had the shoe on the wrong foot, for as Christians they should say: In what church can we give ourselves the most?

Whatever good we have in the world today is because somebody chose to ask the question What can I give? instead of What can I get?

God gives us our bodies, brains, personalities, and personal talents to use for him and his other human children. Or rather, we are loaned them for the span of our lifetime. They don't belong to us at all.

Each person must decide for himself which questions are the most important and then decide how these questions shall be answered.

Jesus warned us against trying to get much and give little. He left no doubt as to our final fate. He told us: "Whoever would save his life will lose it." Those who live selfishly and push only their own interests come out the losers.

But Jesus also told us: "Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." Those who give their lives, or rather, live for God will wind up with more than they started with.

Jesus' words seem just the opposite of what the world teaches. But who is right—Jesus Christ the Son of God or those whose advice we know cannot be trusted? Since we have only one life to live, deciding this is terribly important, too.

How much can I squeeze out of life with the least effort and sacrifice? How can I use other people for my own benefit? How can I avoid giving any money away? How can I do as little for others as possible? The non-Christian asks these questions.

What can I give? How can I serve God and man the best? What training do I need to develop my personal talents the fullest? How shall I spend my money to make it do the most good? The Christian asks these questions.

What questions we ask ourselves and the answers we give involve a priceless reward—our souls. Jesus said: "What can a man give in exchange for his own soul?"

What can I give? Ask yourself this question.

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