The Power of One Person

The Power of One Person

"I can do all things in him who strengthens me."—Phil. 4:13

You would think that in such a big world with so many people one person would have very little influence, wouldn't you?

Well, you couldn't be more wrong.

For just one person can have a great deal of influence. And don't forget it!

For today when we have such big cities, schools, armies, and even such big churches, we think that just bigness counts. Well, God doesn't think so. And if he doesn't, we shouldn't.

Just one person thinking rightly and acting bravely has usually been the reason why these big organizations can live at all.

Just one man voting the right way saved the United States from having Aaron Burr as President of the United States. What a terrible thing that would have been, as you know if you've read American history at all.

Just one United States Senator, voting according to his conscience, saved President Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Abraham Lincoln, from being cast out of office. We know now that this one senator was right, but at the time he was hounded, had terrible things said about him, and was never able to win another election again. Just one man saved our nation from doing a disgraceful thing.

Because we hear so much of brave, great, and brilliant people, we start thinking that such persons as ourselves don't count.

Nothing is further from the truth. God depends on us—on you and me—for some specific task. Nobody else can or will do this one job. What job is it? I cannot say for you, but I can say for myself. I know there are certain tasks that, if I don't do, don't get done, and the world is just that much worse off.

Every day in some school a boy's or girl's feelings are hurt by cruel words. What brave boy or girl will stand up for them?

In every church ministers and Sunday-school teachers need help in their important jobs. Who will help them?

Right now there are sick people lying in hospitals neglected because of lack of trained nurses. Who will be the nurses of the future?

Our nation needs many thousands of high-school teachers, especially men teachers. Boys are actually going to jail because of lack of good, interesting men teachers who can inspire and lead them to good lives instead of bad.

God depends on us—each one of us, not all of us at once.

When Jesus called his disciples, he made each one feel as if much depended on him. Of the twelve only Judas failed. The other eleven were faithful to death.

Today, nearly two thousand years later, Jesus depends on us as he did on his twelve.

What is your job as a Christian? What is mine? With God's help we must each decide for ourselves.

But never forget—you are important. Just one person, but still one. A very wise man said, "I am just one person, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And what I can do, I will do."

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