The Mightiest Army in the World

The Mightiest Army in the World

"'Therefore God has highly exalted him . . . that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth."—Phil. 2:9-10

What is the mightiest army in the world? Russian? English? Chinese?

Is it equipped with tanks, guns, bazookas, atom bombs, H-bombs, machine guns, atomic submarines, missiles and anti-missiles, and anti-antimissiles, and anti-anti-antimissile?

No, none of these.

It has no guns, not even a single rifle. In fact, when it starts using guns to shoot others with, it is helping defeat itself.

The mightiest army in the world is the Christian Church, composed of followers of Jesus Christ. Millions of them all over the world have pledged their loyalty to him. And many of them would gladly die for Christ rather than betray him.

This mightiest army in the world is nearly two thousand years old. Jesus started it with twelve men. He, its first leader, let men crucify him rather than fight them with force. Instead, he chose the weapon of love, the strongest force in the whole world.

He told us that God is love. If God is love, then can you defeat love? No, for you cannot defeat God.

Strangely enough, even though the early followers of Christ were often killed for the faith, more and more people joined the ranks of this strange army. Even important Roman officials gave up their jobs and positions of honor to become members.

As the army grew, selfish and evil men joined it too, hop­ing to profit. Some became high church officials, but even all their greed and malice couldn't overcome the Church.

Dictators, kings, czars, Caesars, princes, generals, and military marshals have tried to suppress it. They all failed. In fact they only made it stronger.

When I was a boy, we had a chinaberry tree that grew next to the fence in a back field. Each year we cut it down. But each cutting only made more sprouts the next year. We never did kill that tree.

The Church is the same way. It cannot be destroyed.

Today the Church has spread to all lands. Men of all colors and languages hail Christ as Lord and Savior. Many do not, but that is our challenge and privilege, to tell them, too, of how Christ came to the world to save every single person.

The arms the Church uses are love, persuasion, good will, acts of charity and mercy, defending the helpless, prayer, teaching, preaching, worship, and pointing out evil. These seem rather pale and weak means of gaining victory compared to the terrible arms developed by our scientists. But the arms of the Church bring life, not death.

How proud we should be to join and be a member of the Church. With all its imperfections and weaknesses caused by its members, it cannot fail.

One hymn writer has written in a great song:

Like a mighty army
Moves the church of God.

The same song says:

We have Christ's own promise,
And that cannot fail.

Aren't you proud to be a part of the mightiest army in the world?

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