The Greatest Worker Makes the Least Noise

The Greatest Worker Makes the Least Noise

"In quietness and in trust shall be your strength."—Isa. 30:15

Don't we usually connect loud noise with work?

What a racket our great machines make! Perhaps you've seen highways being built. Great earthmovers, concrete mixers, power shovels, and ditch diggers with their big diesel motors make a terrific rattle, clackety, clack, rumble, and groaning. And when rock is blasted to make way for the highway, what a big boom!

Or go in a busy factory. In some you can't hear yourself talk. Or stand by a busy street crossing when all the cars and trucks start up as the light turns green. The very earth shakes with the racket.

So we might easily believe that work and noise must always go together.

But the world's greatest worker does most of the world's work in complete silence or with very little noise. We are so busy listening to man-made noises we don't take time to think that all about us God is causing great changes right under our noses and with absolutely no sound whatever. Or with very little.

Consider the important ways his work is done. The grass under our feet, in the cow pastures, on the prairies of the West and the plains of Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America—this grass that covers millions of square miles—is the food for all grazing animals. Without it we wouldn't have milk on the table. All this grass grows without a sound.

So do the other crops on which human life depends grow—tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, beans, squash, peaches, apples, and the hundreds of other crops that give us life.

God sends rain. It makes some noise but very little. Yet rain makes all things grow. He sends snow in the winter to melt and settle deep inside the earth and provide moisture in the dry months. How silently snow falls. You can barely hear it on even the stillest night!

Every day sunshine bathes the whole earth—yet with no sound. Without the sun human life would soon vanish.

The work our human minds perform—how silent that is! The brain sends signals to our muscles, telling them what to do or not to do. And without the faintest whisper of noise. God works through our brains.

The winds sweep around the earth, never stopping. They bring moisture from the ocean to the land. We hear the wind when it rushes through the treetops or around the eaves of the house, but otherwise it goes by silently, most of it high above our heads. The work done by the earth's winds is so great we can't possibly measure it.

And everywhere around us in plant and animal life of all sorts God silently goes about his business. The life processes with our own bodies, for example, are all done silently.

I could go on to list the silent works done by man, too, and show how most of our best work is done silently. But let's save that for another time.

So don't mistake noise for power or work. Don't mistake man's noise for God's voice. For he speaks and works quietly. And we should stop and listen more often.

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