Invisible Things Are the Strongest

Invisible Things Are the Strongest

"God is love."—I John 4:8

The magnet I hold in my hand is nothing new or strange. See how it pulls this nail or this tack. See how the iron filings on this sheet of paper are instantly arranged in lines when you put the magnet directly under the paper.

We have all seen a magnet at work, yet mysteriously enough we don't know how it works. We even harness the force of magnetism to lift huge piles of scrap iron. Every big junk yard has one of those big magnetic cranes. Turn on the electricity and the crane magnet picks up hundreds of pounds of iron. Turn it off and the iron drops.

The earth and moon are both magnets, attracting each other enough so they won't fly apart. And in turn, the sun is a huge magnet holding the earth so it won't fly into space. It does the same for the other planets too—Mars, Venus, Neptune; Mercury, and the rest.

Going farther away is the Milky Way, that vast, flat disk of hundreds of millions of stars. What holds them together in one star system? Magnetism. Invisible magnetism.

Magnetism is the name for the force, or strength, that we can't see but that makes one piece of matter draw closer to another. No human being has ever seen magnetism, or taken a picture of it, or felt it rush past his face while running, as you can feel air. Yet its force is tremendous. Enough to keep our earth and sun from flying apart.

Like many other forces of nature, magnetism does its work with absolutely no sound. Nobody has ever heard it, no matter how much they listened. Nor smelled or touched it.

The strongest forces on earth are not those which make the biggest bang. No, the strongest are generally the quietest. And the strongest force of all is the love of God. It is invisible, untouchable, and has never been seen by the eye of man.

But like magnetism its effect can be felt. Through Jesus Christ, God showed us how much he loves us. And people all around who live by God's ways display in a quiet manner that love is stronger than evil.

By his love God draws us to him as our parents' love draws us to them. Stronger than even magnetism, the love of God unites us with him.

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