How Dirty-Looking Bread Mold May Save Your Life

How Dirty-Looking Bread Mold May Save Your Life

"The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone."—Ps. 118:22

Here in my hand I hold a perfectly good piece of bread that none of you would eat. Why? Because of the dirty-looking blackish-grey mold on it.

You might think it's poisonous, but it isn't. The bread just looks unfit to eat. Actually it won't hurt you, for I've eaten many a piece of bread worse looking than this.

But God's ways are different from ours. Just how different and how much better were revealed when Dr. Mario Stefanini of St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Boston discovered an amazing truth about this bread mold that causes so many people to throw moldly bread away.

Dr. Stefanini discovered through research that this very mold, if injected into the human blood stream, has the power to dissolve blood clots anywhere in the body within a matter of a few minutes.

What a wonderful discovery! For every day all over America and all over the world people are dying because blood clots form at such vital places as the heart or brain.

And now we learn that this mold that disgusts so many by its appearance may save our lives. Blood clots that shut off the flow of blood to various parts of our bodies are extremely dangerous. Sometimes they cause instant death. Other times they cause long, serious illnesses, especially in older people.

But Dr. Stefanini tells us that lives once given up can be saved—and by the injection of a mold that mankind has regarded as an enemy for thousands of years.

The Bible tells us: Let nothing that God has created be called common or unclean.

God has created everything with a purpose in mind. Every single plant and animal of the many, many thousands of kinds are put on earth for some reason. Who would hive t-ver thought of bread mold as medicine? But now it is, a most precious kind of medicine.

Sometimes we look down on God's creatures that appear unattractive. They are products of God's mind, just the same as you and I. The jellyfish in the sea, the weeds in the garden, the grass by the roadside, the eagle atop the cliff—all these and the thousands and thousands of other forms of life are part of God's wonderful creation.

Perhaps you think of certain men and women or boys and girls as not being created and loved by God. If so, how mistaken you are.

For every person has a purpose. God can use us all to help him. No matter how unattractive we are, this still remains true.

If God can create an ugly bread mold with the power to stop blood clots and save lives, can he not have great purposes for us also?

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