God Loves Even His Ugly Creatures

God Loves Even His Ugly Creatures

"And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good."—Gen. 1:31

How could anybody love the horrible deep-sea creatures, those with rows upon rows of teeth, and bulging eyes, and monstrous plated scales?

How could a person think that a cruel crocodile or his wily cousin, the alligator, could be attractive? And think of the poisonous serpents. Not to mention the thousands of kinds of insects that sting and bite us and eat up our crops and clothing and even undermine our homes.

Does anybody look upon these creatures as being anything but horrible and utterly useless?

Yes, God does. For he created each of them with infinite care.

In the Bible in the first chapter of Genesis, the thirty-first verse, we see what God, the Creator, really thinks of all his creations: "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good."

Furthermore, God loves his human children, too, even those whom we think unattractive, just as much as he loves us.

He created people of white, yellow, brown, red, and black skins and all kinds of mixtures. One color or race might think another unattractive, but not God.

And within our own races there are individuals whose very appearance is unattractive to us. Some have very homely faces—at least to us. But they are still God's children.

But worse than unattractive face or body is ugly conduct. When we do wrong, even terribly wrong, somebody still loves us. That somebody is God.

Think of the worst, meanest, most cruel individual you can. Now ask yourself this question: Does God love that person?

The answer that comes from Christ is: Yes, he does. In fact God so loves that person that he sent his only begotten Son to earth. God loves him so much that if he believes on Christ, he will have everlasting life.

How unbelievable!

No, God doesn't love that person's sins and misconduct. He wants him to turn from his bad ways and be a Christian. But the person himself he does love, just as our parents may love us but not like at all our misconduct.

Jesus prayed even for the wicked men who were crucifying him. Among his last words on the cross were "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." So great was his love even for his enemies that he prayed this prayer.

We human beings cannot completely understand God's love even for the worst of evildoers. We simply must accept it and try to imitate God. And this love of his can do more than anything else in the whole world to make good people out of bad people. Nothing else is so strong as this invisible force we call the love of God.

No, not punishment or war or atom or hydrogen bombs or fear or strength of muscles can accomplish what the love of God can and does accomplish.

God loves even his worst children. And that includes us, too, when we are at our worst.

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