God Has a Purpose for You and Me

God Has a Purpose for You and Me

"And Jesus said to them, 'Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men.'"—Mark 1:17

Have you ever felt like saying, "I'm no good. What could anybody see in me, anyway?"

You would be surprised to learn how many people, grown­ups as well as boys and girls, feel that they're here but just what they're here for they couldn't tell for a million dollars. They know they were born, they know they're alive, but just what for is something they couldn't say.

At times we all feel like we're good for nothing or that nobody loves us. But our feelings couldn't be further from the truth. For God, who made us, has a purpose for us. Just as a carpenter who makes a house intends that people should live in it, God made us for some specific use.

We are slowly realizing that God wastes nothing in the creation process. Even the most obnoxious or ugly and unattractive parts of his creation can be useful.

Somebody said, "Weeds are plants we haven't found a use for yet." The castor-bean plant is a big, ungainly weed. When I was a boy, I hoed them from our cornfield. They were a nuisance. But castor-bean oil makes very fine medicine and the best lubricating oil for high speed airplane engines.

The tomato is our most widely used vegetable in America. None other comes near it in amount raised and used. Think of the tomato catsup, tomato soup, tomato juice, tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, and the many other ways we eat tomatoes besides that most delicious way—raw. How we'd hate to give up tomatoes! But not many years ago we regarded the tomato plant as a decoration only. My mother used to tell me how people thought the tomato poisonous when she was a small girl! Imagine!

Seventy-five years ago cotton ginners threw cotton seeds outside their gins where the fiber was separated from the seed. Only enough was saved for the next year's crop. Along came cattle and ate the delicious seed. Being rather stupid creatures and loving the cotton seed so much, they ate until they were gorged and finally died. People said, "Cotton seeds are poisonous for cattle. Keep them away!"

Then somebody discovered the truth. Today cotton seed provides hundreds of fine products, including very fine and expensive food for livestock—cottonseed cake and cottonseed meal. Oil, pressed from the seed, is fine-grade cooking oil for our kitchens and for salad mixes.

We could fill a whole book with such examples from nature and science, but let's turn to people.

God has a purpose for every human being. Each person, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what his or her color or race or nation or religion, has something good to contribute to the world. That includes you and me.

The famous singer Marian Anderson was a Negro girl from Philadelphia with no influential friends. People saw possibilities in her and encouraged her singing. Today millions thrill to her voice. Throughout Asia colored people listen to her interpretations of America.

Men said about Jesus Christ, "He is no good. He is dangerous. Let us kill him." But God's purpose for his Son could not be thwarted by evil. Jesus himself said: The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.

He was referring to the way his life and way would become victorious.

What is God's purpose for your life? That is for yon to find out, if you haven't already. But this much never doubt: He has a purpose for you.

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