Do Not Despise the Little Things

Do Not Despise the Little Things

"Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbers."—Luke 12:7

In this glass jar before me is common, ordinary soil from my garden. If I should ask you, What's in it? you would correctly reply, "Why, just dirt!"

Garden dirt is right. But there's something else too.

If we could take a microscope and peer ever so closely at this dirt, we could see literally millions of tiny plants and animals wriggling and moving and shoving and crawling and eating one another. Some are shaped like a corkscrew, others are long like a pencil, some are fat like a toy balloon, while others are oval like a football.

We call them bacteria or microbes. And wherever there is soil where plants grow, you will find them, billions of them per square yard. You find them in ditches alongside the road, on your hands, under your fingernails, in your hair, in your mouth, and yes, even inside you, in your tummy. Without them the bigger plants and animals couldn't live. They help digest our food. Some are harmful to human beings, but most are helpful. They curdle milk to help us manufacture cheese and butter. They make our bread rise. And when cultivated and purified correctly, they make up the wonder drugs that cause us to get over illnesses so quickly.

God created the tiny things as well as the big things and a great many more of them. Just consider our own bodies, for example. Inside us are over 60,000 miles of extremely small blood vessels we call capillaries, small tubes so tiny that only one blood cell at a time can squeeze through carrying life-giving oxygen and food and carrying away from the body cells waste products and carbon dioxide. Yes, inside us are enough capillaries, if stretched out, to go around this world and have some left over. Without them the big veins and arteries couldn't do their work.

Frequently you and I may feel that we are so small and unimportant in this world that we don't need to work for God. "How can he need us?" we ask ourselves.

And how wrong we are if we think this!

Once Jesus wanted to feed a huge crowd who came to hear him preach. They were hungry yet miles away from the nearest store. One of his disciples said: "Master, there is a lad here with five loaves and two fishes." From that lad's lunch Jesus created enough food to feed thousands.

No matter who you are or what you or others think of you or your family, God considers you important. What you have, what you are, and what you can give to the world are important. No, not just important but absolutely necessary.

We live in a strange age when we are impressed by bigness. But all big things depend on little things. And God's plan for each of us depends on the thousands and thousands of small acts, thoughts, and deeds we perform every day. Do not think what you do each moment is not important, for out of these moments, piled one on top of another into hours, days, weeks, months, and years, is your life built.

Do not make the mistake of despising the small things, for God made them and cares for them. Upon each of them and each of us he depends for his work to be done.

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