Worldliness Sermon Illustrations

Worldliness Sermon Illustrations

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A Colored Preacher's Sermon

In preaching on the text, "Adam, where art thou?" a negro preacher said: "I make three divisions to dis tex. Fustly, in de fust place, ebery man got to be somewhar. Secondly: Some men is whar dey ought not to be. Third, dey dat is whar they ought not to be, is gwine to find demselves whar dey don't want to be."

The man who walks in the counsel of the ungodly is where he ought not to be. And he is destined to find himself where he doesn't want to be.—Robert Greene Lee.

Going "Anywhere"

"I think a Christian can go anywhere," said a young woman who was defending her continued attendance at some very doubtful places of amusement.

"Certainly she can," rejoined her friend; "but I am reminded of a little incident which happened last summer, when I went with a party of friends to explore a coal mine. One of the young women appeared dressed in a dainty white gown. When her friends remonstrated with her, she appealed to the old miner who was to act as guide of the party.

"Can't I wear a white dress down into the mine?" she asked petulantly.

"Yes'm," returned the old man, "there's nothin' to keep you from wearin' a white frock down there, but there'll be considerable to keep you from wearin' one back."

There is nothing to prevent the Christian wearing his white garments when he seeks the fellowship of that which is unclean, but there is a great deal to prevent him from wearing white garments afterwards.—Sunlight for the Young.

How Many Legs Has a Dog?

Kapitango Kusita, an evangelist overseer of the Dondi Church, Portuguese Africa, was discoursing on following the "white" path, and the "white" path only. It was night, and the crowd of natives sat around the camp fire. A native dog passed between the fire and the listeners.

"Look at that dog! How many legs has it ?" asked the preacher.

"Four," came the surprised reply.

"Yes, four indeed," retorted Kapitango, "but have you ever seen the four legs of a dog trying to follow more than one path at a time? No, no! The four all go together, but yet people with only two legs try to follow two paths, and even more at one time: Christ and the world, God and mammon "—Record of Christian Work.

What Keeps the Eyes Clean?

Some years ago I ministered in the mountains of Pennsylvania to the miners in the soft coal region. The members of the little church were all miners. Between four and five o'clock in the evening they would come home from the mines, and I wouldn't recognize the men I knew very well, for they were just as black as the mines where they had been working. Working sometimes in veins only three feet in height, bending all day in that coal dust, they came out black as the coal. But there were two spots on each miner's face just as clean as when he went in in the morning—his eyes. The tear-glands of the eyes had kept their eyes just as clean and bright and shining, midst all the dirt, as when they went in. God said that He will keep us as the apple of His eye, and He does; He keeps us clean. It is the blood, the blood of Christ.—From the published lesson-sermons of Pastor Edward Drew, Paterson, N. J.

Let worldly minds the world pursue,
It has no charms for me;
Once I admired its trifles too,
But grace has set me free.—Selected

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