Witness Sermon Illustrations

Witness Sermon Illustrations

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Make me a witness, Lord,
So faulty I and weak,
My trembling word can scarce be heard,
So loud my failings speak.

Make me a witness, Lord;
Subdue my will to Thine
That, led by Thee, in meek accord,
My lamp may brightly shine.

Make me a witness, Lord,
That all at home may see
A constant daily growth in grace,
And glory give to Thee.

Make me a witness, Lord,
To those I daily meet,
That I may be Thy messenger
In neighbourhood and street.

Make me a witness, Lord,
With every talent given;
And let my treasure all be stored
In deepest vaults of heaven.

Make me a witness, Lord,
By gift, and prayer, and pen,
In native land and far abroad
Telling Thy love to men.

Make me a witness, Lord,
And use me in Thy way;
Though sacrifices we applaud,
'Tis better to obey.

Make me a witness, Lord;
Thou needest even me;
How strange that I can aid afford
When captives Thou wouldst free.

Make me a witness, Lord;
That souls on Thee may call,
And glorify Thy name adored,
O Jesus, Lord of all!—G. Alexander

(Acts 1. 8)

A thirteen-year old girl left her village and was travelling to another place. On the road a priest met her. He asked her, `Child, I think you are a Christian. Is it because your father is a Christian that you have become a Christian?'

To that she replied, 'No, a Christian Sadhu came to our house and preached. I thought about it again and again. Then from my own experience I knew that Christ was the Saviour. That is why I became a Christian.'

The lama burned with anger. He took her and shut her in a dark room, giving her no food or water. The man was amazed to hear her singing with great gladness. After four days he went to see her. What was it that he saw there? He did not see that poor child singing. She was speaking quietly to someone, and with eyes closed. What was she saying? The lama tried to understand. This is what he heard from her:
'O Lord, I thank Thee that I have received the privilege of suffering for Thee. Lord, have mercy on this lama. Open the eyes of his heart to see the light.'

Hearing this sincere prayer, the man broke down and cried. He fell at her feet and before very long he accepted her words as he would the words of a Guru. That lama told everyone he saw about the wonderful strength of the girl; and not only that, he desired to receive that wonderful strength himself.—Sadhu Sundar Singh

(2 Kings 5. 2, 3; Acts 1. 8; 5. 41)

Witness To the Bible

When the train came in my colleague, Robertson, was glad to find an empty compartment, and as he sped through the rich fields of the County Clare, he refreshed himself with the fruits of the richer fields of the Word of God.

After some time the train stopped at a station, and a priest came in. Directly it started he courteously said: `What is that book you are reading?' The Word of God,' replied Robertson. He was not ashamed to call the Bible the Word of God, for so had his Master and the inspired writers named it (Mark 7. 13; John 10. 35; Rom. 10. 17; 2 Cor. 2. 17).

The priest, expecting to hear the word `Bible', looked somewhat confused at this answer, but after a moment or two of hesitation asked: `How do you know it is the Word of God?'

`I know what you want me to say.'

`What do I want you to say?'

`You want me to say that I know it is the Word of God because your Church says so.'
'Well, how do you know it is God's Word?'

`By a threefold witness—The first, external; the second, internal; the third, personal. The external evidence is: that the Old Testament was given to us by the Hebrew Church, and the New Testament by the Greek Church, after a most minute safeguarding and trans­cription of the original documents by these Churches. Your Church had nothing whatever to do with the matter. The internal evidence is prophecy. There are thousands of predictions—some of them thousands of years old—in the books. Many of these have been fulfilled, others are now in the course of fulfillment; and the remainder will most certainly be fulfilled. These predictions were impossible to the keenest of human foresight. For instance, it was foretold that the Messiah should be born in a certain village; that on a certain day in a certain year He would ride into the city of Jerusalem seated on a colt the foal of an ass; that He would be crucified, and buried; and after three days rise again. All this came to pass exactly as foretold centuries beforehand. The personal evidence is that this Book is the only book that revealed me to myself. I learned from it that I am totally corrupt; that my heart is a depthless source of all forms of sin known and unknown; that I am incapable of self-recovery; and that no Church has power to give me a new moral nature. But the Book made a further revelation to me—it revealed Christ to me. It told me how He loved me, and how He suffered on the Cross, beneath the wrath of God, the full penalty of my sins, and of my sinful nature; and it assured me that if I committed myself by faith to Him, He would make Himself known to me inwardly; would remove from my conscience the sense of guilt and fear; would fill my heart with joy and peace, and flood my whole being with divine love. I found all this to be true. He did reveal Himself to my heart. I know Him—I love Him—He has saved me from the wrath to come; and I have the joyful consciousness, by His Holy Spirit, that He will save me from wrath; and that His promise is true that whoever trusts Him shall never perish; and that all who rest their sinful souls upon Him and upon His precious blood, and upon His divine promises, never shall be, and never can be, confounded. So I know by personal experience that this Book is the Word of God.'

The priest had evidently never heard such a triple testimony in his life. His face betrayed the surprise, the confusion, the darkness, and the awe, which he felt. Just at this moment the train stopped at his station. He rose and, with a bow, left the carriage.—George Williams

(Isa. 41. 21-23; 1 John 5. 9, 10)

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