Will of God Sermon Illustrations

Will of God Sermon Illustrations

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Sealed Orders

Sometime, I know not when or how,
All things will be revealed;
And until then content am I
To sail with orders sealed.—Selected.

Of Which Will Are You Afraid?

In a prayer-meeting a good sister prayed, "Lord, we're afraid of our wills, we're afraid to do our wills for fear of the consequences; teach us Thy will!" There was something striking about that prayer. The majority of people, including some professed Christians, are afraid of God's will rather than their own.—Spring Grove Ripplet.

The Blueprints

An engineer was confined to his bed, his lower limbs being paralyzed, but because of his reputation for great skill he was asked to draw the blueprints for a great suspension bridge. The plans were at length completed and placed in the herds of those who were to do the work. Months passed by and the bridge was finished. Four men came to the engineer's room and carried him out on his cot to a place from whence he could view the bridge spanning a wide river, over which vehicles were rapidly passing. Tears filled his eyes, and looking down at the blueprints in his hands, he cried out, "It's just like the plan; it's just like the plan." God has his blueprints. They are world plans; others are individual life plans. Have we found His plan for our lives, and are we obediently walking therein? There can be no greater reward, when looking back over our lives from eternity, than to hear Him say, "It's just like the plan; it's just like the plan."—The Wonderful Word.

Just to let the Father do,
What He will:
Just to know that He is true,
And be still.
Just to follow hour by hour
As He leadeth.
Just to draw the moment's power
As it needeth.
Just to trust Him, that is all,
Then the day will surely be
Peaceful, whatsoe'er befall,
Bright and blessed, calm and free.—Selected.

God's Will Always Best

God's will is always the best; it is always divine love. A stricken wife, standing beside the coffin of her husband, said to a friend: "There lies my husband, my only earthly support, my most faithful human friend, one who has never once failed me; but I must not forget that there lies also the will of God, and that that will is perfect love." By faith she saw good and the blessing in what appeared to her the wreck of all her happiness. But truly the good and the blessing are in every dark providence which comes into the life of God's child. Our Father never means us harm in anything He does or permits. His word is, "I know the thoughts that I think toward you, thoughts of peace."—J. R. Miller

Safely Having Our Own Way

One of my boys, when he was about eight or ten years of age, was what you would call a husky boy, and liked to have his own way. I said to him one day, "Philip, you ought not to want your own way." He dropped his head as if I had given him a problem to solve; after thinking awhile he said, "Father, if I choose the will of the Lot d and go His way because I want to, don't I still have my own way?" If you learn that secret you have the whole secret of the Christian life.—Sunday School Times.

Better than Doing the Lord's Work

Miss Miriam Booth, daughter of the founder of the Salvation Army, a beautiful, brilliant, cultured woman, began her Christian work with great promise, and had unusual success. Very soon disease laid hold upon her and brought her down to the point of death. A friend visiting her one day told her that it seemed a pity that a woman so capable should be hindered by sickness from doing the Lord's work. She replied with gentle grace, "It is great to do the Lord's work, but it is greater to do the Lord's will."—Northwestern Pilot.

Will of God

His Plan for today is all that I ask;
With Him I can leave the 'Tomorrow'.
So by faith I can walk, and with Him I can talk:
Just today, with its joy or its sorrow,
He my pathway hath planned, and, led by His hand,
Through the fire while the gold He's refining,
Be it trial or test, He knows what is best,
So I travel where love's light is shining.

With no plan of my own, but with Him on the Throne,
And to Him all my problems confiding,
He gives me a song as I journey along,
And His 'fullness of joy' is abiding.
Though the path may be steep, and the storm round me sweep,
Yet my soul He is constantly feeding;
And my strength He renews and with fresh power endues,
As I walk where my Master is leading.

Just His will for today, just to watch and to pray,
To be still when to me He is speaking,
Just to kneel at His feet, in that secret retreat,
Where His face I am constantly seeking.
His plan for today, let it bring what it may,
Be it 'fullness of joy' or 'deep sorrow',
In His love let me rest, for He knows what is best,
So with Him I can leave the 'tomorrow'.—Alfred Easterbrook

(Matt. 6. 34; Eph. 5. 17; Col. 1 .9)

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