Universe Sermon Illustrations

Universe Sermon Illustrations

In his History of the Conquest of Peru Prescott describes the first impressions made by the Spanish invaders upon the Peruvians. When they saw the Spanish ships like floating castles riding in their bays, and looked with dread upon the knights astride their war horses, or fled in terror before the discharge of their artillery, and beheld with awe the white faces of the strangers, as if they were children of that luminary which the Peruvians worshiped, and heard in silence the haughty invader's account of the might of his emperor and the vastness of his dominions, they interpreted it all as the handwriting in the heavens by which the god of the Incas proclaimed the approaching downfall of their empire.

Now they knew for a certainty that their empire was not the only deity, and they suspected that this handful of strangers was the advance army of a great host which would someday sweep the Incas from their seats of power.

Suppose that some of the interesting fancies about the other worlds of our universe should prove to be true, and that one day there should suddenly arrive in our midst a company of beings from another world, armed with superior powers and bearing the unmistakable evidences of a superior civilization, in comparison with which ours would be as the barbarism of Peru was to the glory of Spain, what effect would such a visit and such a demonstration have upon mankind? Would it sadden him or depress him, or fill him with dread lest one day he should see the heavens filled with squadrons of airy warriors and our proudest and oldest civilizations falling before a ruthless invader?

Imagine a mighty globe described in space, a globe of such stupendous dimensions that it shall include the sun and his system, all the stars and nebulae, and even all the objects which our finite capacities can imagine. Yet, what ratio must the volume of this great globe bear to the whole extent of infinite space? The ratio is infinitely less than that which the water in a single drop of dew bears to the water in the whole Atlantic Ocean.—Sir Robert S. Ball

(Ps. 19. 1; Isa. 40. 12)

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