Temperance Sermon Illustrations

Temperance Sermon Illustrations

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Not Mere Patching

A certain preacher was pressing home the question of the Lord at Bethesda, "Wilt thou be made whole?" Suddenly he leaned forward and said, "Remember, men, it's not patched up, but made whole." "That's it, that's just it, and all of it," responded a man, who rose and said, "I patched for years, but the patches fell off or made bigger holes. I had become a hard drinker. I lost my position. I sobered up and got another position, failed again and again. Still I patched, and still I fell. At last my wife and children went away to her parents. One wet, cold, windy night, as I sat half asleep in the doorway of an empty house, a Bible woman asked me to come to a mission. There the Lord Jesus found me. He didn't patch; He just made me whole. And now we are all together and happy again."—Milk of the Word.

Farragut's Choice

In giving an account of his early life, Admiral Farragut said: "My father went down in behalf of the United States Government, to put an end to Aaron Burr's rebellion. I was a cabin boy, and went along with him. . . . I knew all the wickedness there was at that time abroad. One day my father cleared everybody out of the cabin except myself, and locked the door. He said, 'David, what are you going to do? What are you going to be?"Well, Father,' I said, 'I am going to follow the sea.' Follow the sea, and be a poor, miserable, drunken sailor . . . ?' 'Oh, no, Father, I will not be that; I will tread the quarter-deck and command, as you do."No, David.' my father said, 'a person who has your principles and your bad habits will never tread the quarter-deck or command.' My father went out and shut the door after him, and I said then: 'I will change; I will never swear again; I will never drink again; I will never, gamble again'; and, gentlemen, by the help of God, I have kept those three vows to this time. I, soon after that, became a Christian, and that decided my future for time and for eternity."—Teacher.


Dr. De Lancy Carter says :"Beer contains alcohol to the extent of from 3 to 5 percent... Therefore, in small or large amounts, bear ... contains alcohol.

"Alcohol is a narcotic, a poison, and an abnormal drug, the quantity matters not; the gradual accumulation of this poison has been found to be destructive to man, inasmuch as it destroys that moral, mental, and physical standard so necessary to the good of mankind."—Union Signal.

Just Less Ashamed

The great Canadian physician, Sir William Osier, was lecturing one day on alcohol. "Is it true," asked a student, "that alcohol makes people able to do things better ?" "No," replied Sir William, "it just makes them less ashamed of doing them badly."—From Moody Monthly.

What Each Got Out of It

From a bushel of corn the distiller got four gallons of whiskey, which retailed at      $16.80
The farmer got....................... .25
The U. S. Government got    4.40
The railroad got....................1.00
The manufacturer got..........4.00
The drayman got................... .15
The retailer got....................7.00
The consumer got.............Drunk
The wife got....................Hunger
The children got..................Rags
The politician got.............Office—The Southern Farmer

His Business Wouldn't Permit

A man in a covered wagon, driving through a Western town, stopped and hailed a man on the street. "Hey, any saloons in this town?" he asked. "Yes, four," was the answer. "Giddap," said the stranger, moving on. "I can't locate here; I've got three boys in this wagon." "Stop a minute," yelled the stranger, "what's your business?" "My business is to save these boys," came back th.3 answer, as he disappeared round a bend in the road.—Kansas City Star.

Burbank on Wine

A visitor, being shown a new grape by Burbank, asked if he had ever improved the wine grape, to which Bur bank replied: "This is not a wine grape. The continued use of wine destroys the finer qualities of both mind and body. Tell the children that I have never produced a superior wine grape and that if I ever do produce one, it shall be at once destroyed. No wine plant will ever be sent into the world from my plant school."—Luther Burbank on Temperance. Journal of Character training.

Starvation of the Brain

Dr. T. D. Crothers, in American Medicine, N. Y., says: "Science has proved beyond question that the action of alcohol is an anesthetic and depressant, and its continuous use is followed by sensory and motor impairments, and also poisoning and starvation of the brain and nervous system, hence sanity and responsibility are not possible...The fact of excessive use of alcohol should be accepted as evidence of mental impairment and inability to control acts and conduct."—Sunday School Times.

The Dangers of "Moderation"
The moderate use of fermented drinks carries with it the danger of immoderate use. The light exhilaration of the brain produced by alcohol is a pleasant sensation which, once experienced, leads to a desire for its repetition. Precisely there lies the danger, for this light mental exaltation, not very dangerous in itself, is after all the first stage of drunkenness, and that stage overstepped, the man drawn on by an unobserved decline, passes quickly from occasional intoxication to habitual drunkenness.—Dr. Bergeron, Member of the French Academy of Medicine.

A Physician Speaks Out

And again. Dr. J. H. Kellogg, of the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium, and member of the Michigan State Board of Health, says emphatically:

"Alcohol never, under any condition, increases the vital energy of the body, but on the contrary, decreases it in a marked and uniform manner through its poisonous influence upon the living cells.

"Alcohol is never a tonic or a stimulant. It is always a narcotic interfering with bodily functions and lessening the nerve tonic and vital energy.

"Alcohol diminishes, never increases the energy of the heart and hence is detrimental rather than beneficial in cases of shock, collapse, fainting, etc.

"Alcohol increases liability to infectious diseases and prevents the development of immunity.

"Alcohol does not aid digestion, but actually hinders it."Gospel Herald.

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