Speech Sermon Illustrations

Speech Sermon Illustrations

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Speakers will confuse the seating capacity of the hall with the sitting capacity of the audience.—Noel Wical

At a recent convention a sign had been erected near the speakers' platform. It read: "Do not photograph the speakers when they are addressing the audience. Shoot them as they approach the platform."—Seng Fellowship News

I agreed to make a speech at the club this month, mainly because Fred Randolph is the program chairman After I told him I'd do it, though, I wish he hadn't said, "Thanks, boy, I was really getting desperate."

In all my addresses before nearly all kinds of groups, I always relate some anecdotes, stories or illustrations. Tonight, I've had several requests, but I'm gonna' tell some anyhow. —M. Dale Baughman

Every time I look out over an audience the question comes to my mind: Is there anyone out there who could do a better job of saying what I have to say? I may add, however, that I never wait for an answer.—W. I. Price

A good speech helps people in different ways. Some rise from it greatly strengthened. Others wake from it refreshed.

A farmer bought a pig in June for $10, spent $30 for feed and sold it for $40 in the fall.

Another farmer commented, "But you didn't make any money."

Said the first, "But I had the company of the pig all summer." You may not make any money as a result of hearing this speech but you will have my company for the evening.

William E. Gladstone, distinguished English statesman, was an eloquent and moving speaker. When a friend asked him the secret of his power as a speaker he replied that he drew from his audience in vapor what he poured back upon them in a flood.—Reverend Walter L. Lingle, Christian Observer

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