Speakers Sermon Illustrations

Speakers Sermon Illustrations

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Freedom of speech too often seems to mean "free to say what you please as long as you please enough people."—Frank J. Pippin, Ethical Outlook

When called on to utter
Don't panic or flee 'em;
Don't mutter or stutter,
Just dalecarnegiem.—Frederick J. Moffitt, Nation's Schools

Chief Rain-in-the-Face was persuaded to attend a lecture. When it was all over, someone asked him what he thought of it. "Uh!" he grunted. "Big wind, lotta dust, no rain."—Sunshine Magazine

Most speakers have just one speech. Sometimes they holler louder in some places than in others. Usually they start at the front but occasionally one will start at the back and work toward the front. It's not too uncommon for a speaker to now and then start in the middle and work both ways.

A top Army communications expert has said if you want people to remember what you say, illustrate your talk If you use audio only, listeners will recall 70% of what you say in three hours, only 10% in three days. If you use visuals only, viewers will recall 72% in three hours, 20% in three days. If you use audio-visual presentations, your audience will recall 85% of the message in three hours, 85% in three days.—Survey Bulletin

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