Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

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He Knew What He Would Be Doing

When the Japanese invaded Malaya, no one knew of the fate of the missionaries. A member of one society having workers there was asked if he knew what a certain missionary was doing. The reply was, "We don't know where he is, but we know what he is doing; he will be converting the Japanese."—Christian Laymen and Tomorrow's World.

While the Preachers Talked

Not long ago three preachers and a Christian layman were riding together on a train. They chatted about the things of the Lord, and were enjoying real fellowship. When the matter of personal work came up, the clergymen frankly admitted to each other that it was never easy for them to approach another individual about Jesus Christ. While they were discussing the probable reason for this difficulty, the laymen left them and sat down beside a soldier farther down the aisle, engaging him immediately in conversation that led toward the presentation of the Gospel. Is it any wonder that there were three very red faces, and that one of the three said with evident feeling: "May the Lord forgive us. We three preachers sit here talking about soul-winning, and he goes and does it."—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

Just One Soul

Value just one soul, for one may be many. Andrew brought Simon — just one. But that one was many, for under God Simon brought 3,000 in one day. Joel Stratton, a waiter in a restaurant, brought John Gough to Christ—just one. And Gough brought many to Christ. Ezra Kimball, a Sunday School teacher, brought Moody to Christ—just one man. But that one was many, for Moody rocked two continents toward God. But why say more? Just one digit is valuable in the multiplication table and one letter in the alphabet—far more valuable is the conviction of the value of just one soul in God's sight.—R. G. Lee.

Winning the Lost

The noted preacher, Charles H. Spurgeon, once said: "Even if I were utterly selfish, and had no care for anything but my own happiness, I would choose if I might, under God, to be a soul-winner; for never did I know perfect, overflowing, unutterable happiness of the purest and most ennobling order till I first heard of one who had sought and found the Saviour through my means. No young mother ever rejoiced over her firstborn child, no warrior was so exultant over a hard-won victory."

One Person at a Time

Dr. H. C. Trumbull, in his excellent book, Individual Work for Individuals, says: "I have been for more than twenty-five years an editor of a religious periodical that has a circulation of more than a hundred thousand a week during much of the time. Meanwhile, I have published more than thirty volumes. Yet, looking back upon my work during all these years, I can see more direct result of good through my individual efforts with individuals than I can through all of my spoken words to thousands upon thousands of persons in religious assemblies, or all my written words." "Reaching one person at a time is the best way of reaching all the world in time."—Earnest Worker.

At Your Own Door

A rescue missionary was lecturing where he was unaccustomed to speak. He said that every Christian, however poor or busy, could do personal work for Christ, if willing. After the lecture a woman said: "What can I do? I am a poor widow with five children to support. How can I find time to go to anyone about Christ?" "Does the milkman call at your house?" "Of course." "Does the baker?" "Yes." "Does the butcher?" "Yes," was the curt reply, and the woman turned away. Two years after, the man of God spoke in the same place. After the service a woman said, "I am the person who was vexed with you when you asked whether the milkman and butcher and baker visited me. But I went home to pray. God showed me my duty. Through my humble efforts five persons have been led to the Saviour, and they all are consistent working members of the church."—Home Study Quarterly.

He Helped Someone

I do not know how soon 'twill be
Ere I will cross life's darkest sea;
But when on earth my life shall end
I hope in Heaven to meet a friend
That I did help, by act or word,
To follow Christ, the Risen Lord.
No greater joy to man can come
Than just to know he's helped someone.—Gospel Herald.

How They Became "Sons"

A Hindu convert in India could neither read nor write, but he got others to read the Bible to him. His favorite verse was John 1:12—"As many as received him, to them gave he the power to become the sons of God." "I have received him," said he, "so I have become a son of God." He went back to his vilage radiantly happy. "I have become a son of God," he cried. His life was so transformed, and his simple witness so effective, that the villagers all wanted to become "sons of God," too. He won the whole village for Christ and thousands of others besides. Why? Just because he—a poor, illiterate Hindu—realized that he had indeed become "a son of God" and longed for others to become "sons" also.—From The Happy Christian, by An Unknown Christian.

Have We Done This?

A poor seamstress was troubled because she had never won anybody to Christ. She determined to speak to the milkman next morning. Before daylight she was up waiting for him to come.

Opening the door she greeted him and said, "Do you know Jesus Christ?" Dropping his pails he said, "Little woman, why do you talk to me like this? For two nights I have been unable to sleep, and the burden of it all is that I am not a Christian. I am in the darkness. If you know how to find the light tell me." So she told him how she had been saved, and he was saved that morning.—Selected.

In a Stable

A London city missionary, during his visiting, went into a stable and began to talk to a jockey about the salvation of his soul. "This is no place to talk re-religion, so there's an end of it!" exclaimed the jockey. "Oh, no, that's not the end of it; it's only the beginning," said the missionary. "Christianity began in a stable. Jesus Christ was born in a stable, and you can be born again in one." He then talked to the man until he kneeled in prayer and accepted the Saviour.—Christian Herald.

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