Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

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Wasps and Men

Huber, the great naturalist, tells us that if a single wasp discovers a deposit of honey or other food, he will return to his nest, and impart the good news to his companions, who will sally forth in great numbers to partake of the fare which has been discovered for them. Shall we who have found honey in the rock Christ Jesus, be less considerate of our fellow men than wasps are of their fellow insects? Ought we not rather, like the Samaritan woman, to hasten to tell the good news? Common humanity should prevent one of us from concealing the great discovery which grace has enabled us to make.—Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

How a Chinese Found God

One evening an elderly Chinese said to the great missionary, Hudson Taylor, "Are you a foreigner?" "Yes, I am an Englishman." "Are there books in that bag on the table?" "Yes, there are." "Are you a teacher of a foreign religion?" "Yes; of the Jesus religion." The Chinese then told Taylor that for many years he had been a seeker after truth but could find no religion that could take the burden of guilt from his soul. A few nights before he had had a vision of a man in white who had told him to go into Hangchow, that there he would find a foreigner sitting in an inn with a bag of books on the table before h:m; that he had visited inn after inn that day, but he found no such person. Finally, he had heard of this inn in the suburbs, and as a last hope had entered it. The missionary then preached the Gospel to him and gave him a New Testament. Two days later he visited his home and found that he had destroyed all his idols and was rejoicing in Jesus Christ as Saviour. Hudson Taylor parted from the man, adoring God, not only for His power to save, but also for His marvelous and miraculous way of leading souls to the messenger and the message of the Gospel.—From a sermon by Dr. C. E. Macartney.

The Personal Touch

A Sunday school teacher mailed successively ten cards to a girl who had been absent. When the last one was posted, the teacher met the girl's mother on the street, who said, "You need not mail Mary any more cards."

"Why?" asked the astonished teacher.

"We buried her last week!"

Who can foretell the difference if the hand used to write a card had reached a little farther to ring a door bell.—Alliance Weekly.

Why He Was Saved

In a Southern city a pastor was working on a sermon one afternoon. A sudden impulse came to speak to a young man in his place of business. Immediately he went downtown and in a few minutes led that young man to the Lord. Later, when the young man went jubilantly home, he found all except his father at the supper table. Walking into the living room he saw his father, and joyously said, "Dad, I was saved a little while ago." The father looked up with tears in his eyes, and said, "Son, twenty-four hours ago I became so troubled about your salvation that I vowed before God neither to eat nor drink, but only to pray until you were saved, but I told no one of my purpose." In desperate need the father had cried from the depth of his heart, and God heard him. Is anything too hard for God?—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

His Opportunities to Witness

In Shanghai it is a common sight to see four or five coolies pulling a cart, often heavily laden. They get on very well on the level, but when they need to go up over the bridges they often find it very difficult to pull the cart up. As I crossed a bridge one morning I saw a well-dressed Chinaman go to the assistance of a cart that was stuck. In answer to a question he said: "That is my work; whenever I see them unable to pull their loads I help them and then I have a chance for a few moments to preach the Gospel to them. I tell them. 'It is because I am a Christian that I help you.'"—Sunday School Times.

The Undelivered Message

A poor wayward boy died of cold and hunger in a western city, and his parents' hearts were broken, because a message from his father, forgiving him and entreating him to come home, failed to reach him. The boy was down-and-out. He had reached his row's end. At first rebellious and determined never to return, he soon grew weary of his folly and confided to a chance acquaintance that he would go back on account of his mother, but he was sure his father would drive him away, and it was no use.

At that very moment there was a message from his father, posted in Jim Goodheart's Mission in the Denver slums, telling him to come home and all would be forgiven. But the boy never saw it, and he died in his rags and in his misery—died for the want of food and warmth and love—all of which were awaiting him in abundance in his father's house not very far away.

There is a message in your hand for your generation, a message so big and so important that Jesus died on the Cross that it might be delivered. If you are a Christian, if you are a professed disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, that message is in your hands. Are you delivering it?—Wade C. Smith, in Sunday School Times.

"Edified—for What?"

A minister called his elders together and told them that because no souls were being saved he would tender his resignation. A deacon urged him not to do so, because people were being edified. The minister said, "Edified for what?" adding, "Brother, do you believe that through you a soul was ever saved?" The frank reply was, "No." The same was admitted by the other men present. The next day the man who had been the first to say, "No," spoke to his confidential clerk. He said, "Bob, Bob, you are not a Christian, and I, an elder, have never spoken to you about your soul. I want that we kneel here and give ourselves to Christ: I for consecration, and you for salvation." The clerk became a Christian. Before the week was over the elders who had met with their minister had won thirty men to Christ.—Adult Bible Teacher.

Workmen Needing to be Ashamed

One evening a certain group of young people asked me to speak to them on church work. I called a young lady to the front, and asked her to sit down, and then called up another young lady to tell her how to be saved. It was a heartbreak. Both of them had been in the church for I don't know how long. The second girl started the conversation: "You're a stranger in our city, aren't you?" "Yes," her friend replied, "we just moved here from Oklahoma." "Have you ever gone to church?" she continued. "No," was the answer. "Then we should like you to come to our church. We have a fine young people's group, and we play games and sing." "That is enough, sister," I interrupted at this point, "you may go back to your seat." There wasn't a drop of life in her. I tried out four of these young folks, but not one of them had a drop of water to give to this poor sinner. They talked about their church, their society. and their good times, but said nothing about the Lord Jesus. Beloved, let us quit playing, and be out-and-out for Christ.—From A Sure Remedy, by Dr Walter L. Wilson.

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