Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

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Better Than a New Assignment

A policeman in Birmingham, becoming a Christian, was so greatly troubled by the sights and sounds and sin among which he worked, that for a long time he and his wife prayed: "Lord, take me out of the police service. Give me some other work." No answer came, and no other work was opened to him. At last he said to his wife: "I think we have been making a great mistake. We have been praying that I may be taken out of the force, and I begin to think He has put me there to work. Now I am just going to pray that He will let me serve Him where I am." This was the beginning of a life of marvelous usefulness. His influence over the men was so great that he was promoted to be the head of detectives. He was instrumental in the salvation of many criminals. The place where God has put you is the place where you can do the best service for Him.—Courtesy Moody Monthly.


Are you seeking out the lost ones
Whom the Saviour died to win?
Are you showing them the Fountain
That can wash away their sin?
Are you looking by the wayside
For the weary ones who fall?
Do you win them to the Master
Who has promised rest to all!—Selected.

An Invalid Shames Us

Are we willing to go as an invalid in Melbourne went? This man is blind. Every joint in his body is immovable. His jaw is locked so that his front teeth had to be removed to insert the spout of his drinking cup. His whole body is as stiff as a log of wood, but his mind is full of vigor, and his heart is full of the grace of service. For twenty-nine years he has lain thus, fed only on liquid foods. For twenty-two years he has been blind. Is it possible that such a one as he could do anything to help others? Listen. Seventeen blind children are supported by his efforts in India; ten in China; a blind Bible woman in Korea; a blind boy in the Sudan; a blind boy in Fiji; a blind Bible woman in Jaffa. Three hundred pounds a year is received in answer to prayer by that faithful, sightless, silent, paralyzed disciple in that little shut-in room in Melbourne. If Christ could use this man to bless and help so many, how may He not use us if we will only surrender our all to Him?—The Evangelical Friend.

"Better Tell Sister"

"Hadn't I better tell sister about Jesus?" abruptly asked a boy of ten of a guest in the home. The sister, some years younger, was in an upper room asleep, and the boy had been telling of his admiration for her. The guest, thinking to draw out the boy, asked why he should tell his sister. This was the boy's reply: "Father never told me, Mother didn't, and my teachers at school never said anything, and I wouldn't have given my heart to Jesus but for what you told us in Sunday school last Sunday. Maybe nobody will tell sister; don't you think I'd better?" The Lord Jesus did not promise to make His disciples eloquent orators, clever logicians, or effective preachers. But He did promise them, if they would follow Him, that He would make them "fishers of men."—Sunday School Times.

Andrew's Good Example

"He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ" (John 1:41).

"What did you preach about on Sunday?" was the question asked of a city pastor one day.

"I preached about Andrew," was the reply, "and, do you know, I found him a most interesting character!"

"What was there about him that was remarkable?"

"Well, I do not suppose you would call him a great man, but the significant thing about him was that every time he is mentioned in Scripture he was introducing someone to Jesus."

This was certainly a beautiful occupation, and yet it does not call for any wonderful talents. It is work that any one of us can do.—Presbyterian Standard.

"My Best—My Dead Level Best"

In the other years, in Northwestern University, a group of students organized themselves into a life-saving organization, whose purpose was to go to the rescue of drowning people on Lake Michigan. Early one bleak November morning, urgent word came to the life-saving group that the Lady Elgin, with its human cargo, had been caught in the jaws of a violent storm, and was rapidly going to pieces. The college youths hurried to the scene of the wreck. In the life-saving group was a clean-cut, athletic youth by the name of Ed Spencer. Hurriedly, Ed threw off superfluous garments, tied a rope about his waist, and threw himself into the choppy, chilly waters of Lake Michigan! Swimming out to the wrecked vessel, he signaled to be pulled to shore, until he had rescued a seventh, an eighth, a ninth, and a tenth person! Utterly exhausted, he went and stood by the fire of logs that cold bleak morning, blue, pinched, trembling, and hardly able to stand. As he stood there, he lifted his eyes again toward the scene of the Lady Elgin. There he saw men, women, and children struggling in the water. Said he, "Boys, I'm going in again!" "No, no, Ed," they implored, "it is utterly vain to try; you have used up all your strength; you could not save anybody. For you to try again in your spent condition would be suicidal!" Said Ed, "But they are going down—perishing—and I will try again!" Into those bleak, blue waters he leapt, and brought to safety an eleventh, a twelfth, a thirteenth, a fourteenth, and a fifteenth person. He could scarcely get to the fire on the beach. As he stood there, he saw a spar rising and falling upon the waves. Seeing a man's head above the spar, he said, "Boys, there's a man trying to save himself. He watched the spar as it drifted toward the point. He knew that to drift around that point meant certain death. Said he, "Boys, I'm going to help that man!" "No, no, Ed, you can't help him. Your strength is gone." "But, I'll try anyway," said he. Into the waters he sprang. He rescued his man, and was then carried to his room in a delirious condition. As the delirium lifted from his mind intermittently, he would ask, "Did I do my best, my dead level best?" "Why, Ed," came the reply, "you saved sixteen!" Replied Ed wearily, "Yes, I know that, but did I do my best, my dead level best?" Though he rescued so many his only thought was of the men, women, and children who perished that bleak November morning. Throughout that night, he would mumble but one thing: "Oh, if I could only have saved just one more!"

Friends, in this momentous, fateful hour, let the ruling passion of each one be to do his best, his dead level best for God, for country, and for others. It was His best, His dead level best, which the Saviour did for you and me when He gave willingly His life upon His cruel cross that we, through faith in His Name, should have life eternal: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a Man lay down His life for His Friends" (John 15:13) ; "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16).—Dr. R. A. Torrey.

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