Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

Soul Winning Sermon Illustrations

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An Infidel's Sermon to a Preacher

Never shall I forget the remark of a learned, legal friend who was at one time somewhat skeptical in his views. Said he,

"Did I believe as you do, that the masses of our race are perishing in sin, I could have no rest. I would fly to tell them of salvation. I would labor day and night. I would speak it with all the pathos I could summon. I would warn and expostulate and entreat my fellow men to turn unto Christ and receive salvation at His hands. I am astonished at the manner in which the majority of you ministers tell your message. Why do you not act as if you believed your own words? You have net the earnestness in preaching that we lawyers have in pleading. If we were as tame as you are, we would never carry a single suit."

A decade of years has passed away since that remark was made. I bless God that it was addressed to me. It put a fire into my bones which I hope will burn as long as I live. God preached a stirring sermon to me that day by the mouth of that infidel lawyer.—The Gospel Banner.

They Counted the Cost

Every week the Moody Bible Institute sends out bus loads of young people to different sections of the city to hold gospel meetings. Hundreds of people would never hear the gospel if it were not for these groups who go out on the street corners and testify for Christ. Let us join one of these groups, and share the actual experiences.

First, we meet with the group for a half hour of prayer. Then the bus is loaded, and we are off.

Someone starts a chorus and all join in. We ride around several blocks looking for a desirable corner. One is selected, the organ is set up, and the students gather in a semicircle. Hymns are sung and testimonies given. One passerby stops and listens, then others hesitate and stop. Soon a crowd has gathered. A lull seems to go over the crowd as one by one the young people tell of what Christ has done for them. A gospel message is given by one of the men students. The crowd listens attentively. As he brings the message to a close, he tells the audience that if any of them would like to know more about this Jesus, to come up to one of the students when the meeting is over.

One of the young women sings,

"Have you counted the cost
If your soul should be lost,
Though you gain the whole world for your own?"

Men, women, and children come to the front. Each student is surrounded. Eager listeners desire to know more about Jesus. Thirty-eight souls are brought to Him that night.

The students' faces were lighted with joy as they returned to the Institute. There is no joy to be compared with the joy of winning a soul to Christ.—Student News Service.

Better than Joseph's Robe

A very little girl attended a meeting, and heard about "the best robe." When she went home she said to her father, a policeman, "Father, have you got on the best robe?" He replied, "What do you mean, child?" "Father, have you got on the robe of salvation?" The father looked very perplexed, and, turning to his wife, said, 'What does the child mean?" The child said, "The preacher told us that Jesus Christ had made a garment for us, and that God gives it to everyone who asks for it; and he told us that if any of us wanted it, to hold up our hands, and I held up my hand, and now I have got it on." "How do you know that, child?" "Why," she said, 'of course I know. Jesus said so. He told us that He would give it to us. I asked Him, so I have on the best robe.' That night, before she went to bed, she said to her mother, "Have I been naughty today "No, my child; you have been very good." "Mother, I did one naughty thing — I slapped Polly (her sister), and when I did that I made an ugly spot on my best robe; but the preacher told us that if we got any stains on our best robe, we were to ask Jesus to wash them away; so I knelt down and said, Please, Jesus, wash my best robe, and make it clean again.'"—Christian Herald.

Early Led to Jesus Christ

An only boy lay tossing on his sickbed; he was very ill, and all that medical skill and a mother's tender nursing could do were powerless to arrest the disease. The mother sitting by was waiting to hear the father's footsteps, for it was close on the hour that brought him home. She wanted to meet him and tell him what the doctor had said to her when he came out of the sick room that day. Soon she heard the familiar sound of the latchkey in the door, and, softly leaving the room, she went to break the news to the anxious father. When he heard the doctor's verdict, that the boy could not live out the day, the shadow on his face deepened; with an effort he said, "God's will be done." Ascending the stairs he entered the room where the boy lay. As he bent over the child and kissed his fevered cheek, the sick boy opened his eyes, and asked, "Father, am I very ill?" "Yes, Frank, my boy," answered the father. "Shall 1 die?" added the boy. "Yes, we think you will, dear, before tonight." He lay silent a moment, and then he said, 'Then I shall spend tonight with Jesus." "Yes, Frank, dear," answered the father, turning away with the tears streaming down his face. "Don't cry, father," said Frank. "directly I get to Heaven I shall go straight to Jesus and tell Him that ever since I can remember you have tried to lead me to Him."—Gospel Herald.

"Love Your Enemies"

"Will you kindly send to me, for approval, the Fundamentals of Christian Faith Course? I wish to assure myself that it will be suitable for a young convert."

This is quoted from a letter recently received at the Correspondence School of the Moody Bible Institute, from one of the institute donors. The four textbooks were sent, and in a few days a letter was received from the inquirer which enclosed a check to cover the course, stating that the textbooks had been sent to a recently converted young man, and asking that the Correspondence School forward all necessary materials to him.

The woman who had written presented a most interesting story concerning the young man. He had been walking the broad path of life; the Devil had him in hand, and had led him to be a thief. He had broken into this woman's house and robbed it. He was caught, brought up for trial, convicted, and sent to Joliet prison. In time the woman visited him in prison. There she showed him, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the way of salvation. She made plain that if he would place his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, he would be saved. The Holy Spirit used the message, and the prisoner accepted Christ as his own personal Saviour.—Student News Service.

Hardships Welcomed

"I cared not where or how I lived, or what hardships I went through, so that I could but gain souls to Christ. While I was asleep I dreamed of these things, and when I awoke the first thing I thought of was this great work. All my desire was for the conversion of the heathen, and all my hope was in God"—Brainerd.

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