Self-Analysis Sermon Illustrations

Self-Analysis Sermon Illustrations

Man has now made his first step to the stars, yet we know little more about ourselves than we did 1,000 years ago.—Helen Gahagan Douglas

The spider spins his own reel from within, and when a man has come to the point where he wishes to determine the kind of employment in which he will best succeed, he must take thought of the spider, for only out of himself can he produce the web with which he is to snare fortune.—Sunshine Magazine

Very few people know themselves. You may have created an image which you strive to present to the world as your true self. But it is a false image. In a secret corner of your mind you are aware that it is false—but you run away from that awareness because you really do not understand yourself or know how to be yourself.—Chicago Herald American

If you use the head with which you reprove others to reprove yourself, there will be fewer faults; if you use the heart with which you forgive yourself to forgive others, there will be perfect friendship.—S. C. Champion, Houston Times

I'm sure that I've got lots of faults—you know, that's only human. Why, just last week a friend of ours got my cool temper fumin'. Of course, I knew that I was right, and she was wrong as sin, but convincing her, I'm telling you, was something else ag'in!

My smug and patient husband says I've got a lot to learn. Well, I could teach him worlds of things, and still have brains to burn! Oh, yes, I must have lots of faults—my friends possess so many! I'm sure that I have three or four—but I just can't think of any.—Margy Kirkhart, Sunshine Magazine

Oren Arnold, writing in the Kiwanis magazine, offers this lively philosophy: "It wouldn't help much for me to see myself as others see me. I simply wouldn't believe it."

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