Second Coming Sermon Illustrations

Second Coming Sermon Illustrations

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There Will Be Disgraced Christians When Jesus Comes

Some time ago I was holding a meeting in a small town in the Middle West. While there I heard of a young man who in the past had been upheld as a model young man in the community. In all his activities in the community he seemed to be on the side of righteousness, and was a popular member of the local church. One morning the newspaper of the neighboring city told of a gambling raid staged by the police department of that city the night before, and to the utter astonishment of the readers in that small community, among the names of those caught in the place of gambling was the name of this model young man. A fine young man at home, he was secretly indulging in unlawful practices. It is hard to describe the result of the discovery. When the young man finally came home, he refused to leave the house for several days. He was disgraced and beaten by the sudden revelation, and went about some time with his head down.

In First John 2:28 we read: "And now, little children, abide in Him; that when He shall appear, wk. :nay have confindence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming." The original of "not be ashamed" is "not stand disgraced." Many Christians, who are now regarded as fine believers, are going to stand disgraced before the Lord when the secrets will be revealed and it will be seen that secretly they indulged in things and practices displeasing to the Saviour who bought them with His own blood.—The Brethren Missionary Herald.

Behold the Sun

I have read that near the North Pole, the night lasting for months and months, when the people expect the day is about to dawn, some messengers go up on the highest point to watch; and when they see the first streak of day they put on their brightest possible apparel, and embrace each other, and cry, "Behold the sun !" and the cry goes through the land. "Behold the sun!" Some of you have been trudging on in the darkness of sin. It has been a long and wearisome night for your soul; but now I cry, "Behold the Sun of righteousness rising with healing in His wings." "The dayspring from on high hath visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness." Behold the sun! Behold the sun! Would God that every blinded eye might now see it!—Dr. Talmage, in the Biblical Illustrator.

How They Showed Their Faith

Lord Shackleton once went to search for the South Pole. He had to turn back, leaving some of his men on Elephant Island amid the ice and snow. He promised to come back for them. He finally reached South Georgia, where he secured another ship and supplies; and then went back to get his men. He tried to reach Elephant Island, but failed time after time. Suddenly one day there appeared an open place through the ice leading to the island! Quickly he ran his men through the open place, got his men on board the ship, and came out again, just before the ice crashed together. It was all done in half an hour. When the excitement was partly over, he asked one of the men who had been on the island, "How did it happen that you were all packed and ready for my coining? You were standing on the shore ready to leave at a moment's notice." The man replied, "Sir, you said that you would come back for us, and we never gave up hope. Whenever the sea was partly clear of ice, we rolled up our sleeping bags and packed our things, saying, 'Maybe Shackleton will come today.' We were always ready for your coming." Even so, let us be ready for the coming of Christ.—Gospel Herald.

If you knew that the Lord would come tonight:
Is there something you ought to do today?
Then, do it now!
Is there some debt you ought to pay today?
Then, do it now!
Is there some quarrel you ought to make up?
Then, do it now!
Is there a sinner you ought to warn? Then, do it now!
He is coming. Perhaps tonight.—Gospel Herald.

What "Be Ye Ready" Means

A man visiting a certain school gave out that he would give a prize to the pupil whose desk he found in the best order when he returned. "But when will you return?" some of them asked.

"That I cannot tell," was the answer.

A little girl, who had been noted for her disorderly habits, announced that she meant to win the prize.

"You!" her schoolmates jeered. "Why, your desk is always out of order."

"Oh, but I mean to clean it the first of every week."

"But suppose he should come at the end of the week?" someone asked.

"Then I will clean it every morning.

"But he may come at the end of the day."

For a moment the little girl was silent. "I know what I'll do," she said decidedly; "I'll just keep it clean."

So it must be with the Lord's servants who would be ready to receive a prize at His coming. It may be at midnight, at cockcrowing, or in the morning. The exhortation is not "Get ye ready," but "Be ye ready."—Mattie M. Boteler.

The Lord shall come! but not the same
As once in lowliness He came;
While sinners in despair shall call
"Rocks, hide us; mountains on us fall!"
The saints ascending from the tomb,
Shall joyful sing, "The Lord is come!"—Selected

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