Second Coming Sermon Illustrations

Second Coming Sermon Illustrations

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A Warning

A young girl, who was very anxious about her soul, occupied the same room as a young Christian. As she began to arouse herself at early dawn she looked for her companion, but she was gone. She remembered that they retired together on the previous evening, but now her place was vacant, and she knew not whither her friend had gone. She thought of the words of the preacher on the previous afternoon, "One taken and the other left." She stayed not to dress, but went into the next room to awaken her companions, and as she went from room to room she saw that all who loved the Lord Jesus were missing and the unsaved ones were left. She knew not what to do; some slept on in indifference, but the anxious one searched the house, and at last found the little prayer meeting, and with mingled joy and sorrow she exclaimed, "I will not leave you again until I know that I am safe if the Lord does come."—Sunday School Times.

"Messiah Is Coming Soon"

William Bernard writes as follows:
"While in Java we called on a Chinese lady who held a good position. She told us that not very long before, she heafd the sound of an unfamiliar voice while in her own home one day. No speaker was visible, but the message was clear and unmistakable. It was in her own language—'Messiah is coming!' At heart she was a Christian; however the name 'Messiah' she had never heard before. Surmizing that she was being advised that a visitor was coming to call on her, she began to think of the entertainment of the coming guest. Again, however, she heard the voice, this time saying, 'Messiah is coming soon.' Perplexed, she went to a Christian friend and asked who Messiah was. She was informed that the Messiah was Jesus Christ. Thus God gave to this Chinese lady in her own home in that far-away island the second advent message, 'Messiah is coming soon.'"—Selected.

Half-Way Flying

Dr. Dinsdale T. Young once said: "A wonderful spiritual enrichment came into my life and ministry because I realized the great New Testament revelation of the personal return of our Lord. Dr. Andrew Bonar told a story of a plain man in one of the Scottish Presbyterian country kirks who had learned this precious doctrine. The man spent a Sunday in Edinburgh, to play the part of a sermon taster. When he returned to his village, the people asked him how he liked the Edinburgh preachers. His reply was: 'They all fly on one wine. They all preach the first coming of Christ, but they do not preach his second coming.' Nothing recovers evangelical fervor and rekindles missionary passion, and gives a yearning for entire sanctification, like a realization of the great fact that 'He comes,' and that He may come at any moment."—Christian Age.

In the glow of early morning,
In the solem hush of night;
Down from Heaven's open portals,
Steals a messenger of light.
Whisp'ring sweetly to my spirit,
While the hosts of Heaven sing,
'Tis the wondrous thrilling Story,
Christ is coming—Christ my King.

Oft methinks I hear His footsteps,
Stealing down the paths of time,
And the future dark with shadows,
Brightens with this Hope sublime;
Sound the soul-inspiring anthem)
Angel hosts, your harps attune;
Earth's long night is almost over,
Christ is coming—coming soon.—Gospel Herald.

"Hustling to Get the Chores Done"

In a recent issue of the Christian Witness appeared a selected article under the above subject in which a story was told of a query put to Mr. W. E. Blackstone, author of the book, Jesus Is Coming, as to whether he was still looking for the Lord. He said, "I'm looking for the Lord every day, but I'm hustling to get the chores done before He gets here."

What a glorious truth is hidden here for all the Lord's dear children! If you do not believe He is coming so soon as do others, yet you likely do not have any time to waste to get all your "chores" done. Those of us who believe His Corn. ing is imminent, how busy we should be with life's chores! We will do well to get most of them done!—The C. II. and n. Banner.

Why Dr. Stratton Quit Smoking

The late Dr. John Roach Stratton, valiant defender of the faith, gave this testimony: "I wish to bear my own personal testimony that I did not overcome the habit of smoking until the truth of the return of our Lord came home clearly to my mind and heart. When I did thus believe that Jesus Christ is surely coming back to this world again, even as He plainly promised, and that His coming for His church—the redeemed—may be at any moment, I found grace to throw pipes and cigars away completely, never to take them up again. I did not want Jesus to come back and find me with a breath that was offensive, or presenting the sorry spectacle of a preacher with a pipe or cigar in the corner of his mouth!"—Sunday School Times.

The Morning Star

I awoke and the night was passing,
And over the hills there shone
A star all alone in its beauty
When the other stars were gone.

For a glory was filling the heavens
That came before the day,
And the gloom and the stars together
Faded and passed away.

Only the star of the morning
Glowed in the crimson sky;
It was like a clear voice singing,
"Rejoice, for the sun is nigh."

Oh, children, a star is shining
Into the hearts of men;
It is Christ with a voice of singing,
"Rejoice, for I come again.

"For the long long night is passing,
And there cometh the golden day.
I come to My own who love Me,
To take them all away."

It may be today, or tomorrow;
Soon it will surely be;
Then past are the tears and sorrow,—
"Then Home forever with Me."—The Prayer Room, Memphis, Tenn.

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