Scars Sermon Illustrations

Scars Sermon Illustrations

An infidel fireman once rescued a little boy from a burning cottage. To do so he had to climb a hot piping, and his hands were badly scarred. The woman who cared for the boy perished in the fire. The question arose as to who would take the boy. A couple came forward, saying, 'We should like to have him; we have plenty of money and no children of our own; we would give him a good education and a good start in life.'

Others offered the boy a home. Then the fireman spoke up: 'I should like to have him,' and he showed his scarred hands. All agreed that he had the greatest claim to the child. Some objected, knowing the man was an unbeliever.

However, the boy was adopted by the fireman who proved a good father to him and loved him as his own child. One day he took him to an Art Gallery. The boy caught sight of a painting of Christ on the Cross, and asked the man, 'Who was that, daddy?' The man tried to silence the boy, and quickly drew him away from the picture, which so impressed the child who gave him no peace till he had heard the gospel story. As the man was saying that Jesus let them put Him on the Cross for our sins, the truth shone into his heart, and he believed and yielded himself to the One Who has the greatest claim on each one of us.—Constance Barnett

(Isa. 52. 14; 53. 5, 6; 1 Cor. 6. 19, 20)

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