Salvation Sermon Illustrations

Salvation Sermon Illustrations

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How They Inherited Eternal Life

In Cayuga, Guatemala, a group of five women, who had heard a little of the Gospel, were gathered in a room awaiting the arrival of a lady missionary whom they had asked to come to their village and tell them how they could accept the Lord and be saved. The missionary was unable to go, but they were so desirous of obtaining salvation that they decided to do what is done in the meeting of the evangelicos, where one rises, or raises the hand, or both, as a first step in accepting Jesus. So the five women rose, raised their hands and repeated together, "I accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour." He whom they accepted met them and filled their hearts with joy, and they knew that His presence was better than that of a missionary. They were the first Christians in their town.—W. R. Adell, Los Angeles, Cal.

The Water Mill

A man in Ireland, convicted of sin, was on the point of "believing" when the Devil raised the oft-repeated objection: "If you believe, it won't last. What about tomorrow?" The worker dealing with him pointed to a water mill near by. "What turns that wheel today?" "The stream." "What will turn it tomorrow?" "The stream." "And the days after?" "The stream." The anxious one was led to see that there was abundant grace to save, keep, and meet all needs. "Wherefore he is able . . . to save . . . to the uttermost" (Heb. 7:25) — "The same yesterday, and today, and forever."—Christian Herald (London).

"They Cried"

"They cried, and their cry came up unto God by reason of their bondage." The late President Theodore Roosevelt, when a colonel in the army, visited the reservation of the Navajo Indians. In conversation with a Christian missionary, the colonel asked, "Do you think if we were to provide these Indians with better living conditions, better housing, clothes, and the like, that you could more easily reach them with the Gospel?" The missionary replied, "Suppose, Colonel, that when the prodigal son was in the far country someone had given him a good home, a new suit of clothes, and a bank account: how soon would he have returned to the father's house?" Colonel Roosevelt pondered a moment, and then snappily answered, "Never!"—Sunday School Times.

The Secret a Bandit Learned

A colporteur reports: ``On my way from D—, to a village situated among high mountains, I had to go by a solitary road. I suddenly saw a man holding a big knife in his hand and approaching me, apparently with the intention of robbing or killing me. I said: 'Why do you do this, my friend. I do not mind if I die, as I am sure to be received into eternal places. But, oh, how I pity you! In what a wretched state you will be, with your conscience whipping you, and the Government following you! Above all, you will be cast into the furnace of eternal fire of hell!' He said: 'You are the first person I ever saw who stood before death with a smile on his face. There must be a secret to this. What is it?' Reading from John 11, I knelt down and prayed earnestly for him. He began to confess the sins of his life. 'For twenty-seven years,' he said, 'I have been leading a lawless life. This dagger has pierced nine breasts. . .. Can God forgive me all these sins?"Yes, certainly, if you will repent,' I answered. The man continued: 'I would like to buy your Bible, but I do not have your money. Will you accept this dagger in exchange for it?' I will take the knife as a sign of your repentance,' I replied. He then refused the two dollars I offered him, saying, 'I prefer to go without money, and to trust the God who spoke to me through you and saved me.'"—Bible Society Record.

Everything Except Human Nature

The Literary Digest quotes a quip from the St. Joseph News Press: "Man has now conquered almost every dangerous thing in nature except human nature." It was Christ who announced, almost two thousand years ago, "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; . . . Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again."—Revelation.

The Inward Man a New Creature

Dr. Lawes of New Guinea describes how he has seen and heard in New Guinea former canibals at the prayer meeting. "I have heard savages pray," he says. "men with tattooed marks on their chests to indicate that they were murderers, that their spears had tasted blood. I have heard them pouring out their hearts in prayer to God, as children holding converse with their Father, and I know that they have been taught by the Spirit of God." The outward marks remain. Once they were the man's pride and glory; now he would give all he has to remove them. Though they can never be removed, though the outward man remains the same, the inward man is a new creature, known and understood of God. The Lord who looks upon the heart finds there the soul of a son.—London Sunday School Times.

"Without Price"

Dr. Norman Harrison once dealt with a nurse who did not seem to comprehend salvation as a gift, so he put it this way, "I will give you a gem worth ten thousand dollars. But you say, 'Excuse me, Dr. Harrison, I have only fifty dollars.' But you misunderstand, I am giving you the gem. It is yours for the taking." Then, that she might appreciate how service follows salvation, he asked if she would be willing to care for his child following the reception of the valuable gem. Of course, she would. This is where works come in. They follow the gift of salvation.—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

The Physician's Solution

A workman had trouble with his eyes. He went to see a doctor who said: "There are two cataracts growing over your eyes, and your only hope of recovery is to go to Dr.—. I would advise you to go at once, and take plenty of money with you, for the fee will be heavy." The man had twenty pounds in the bank, which he had been saving for a "rainy" day. That day had come. He drew it out and went to see the specialist. After examining his eyes, the specialist remarked: "I am not sure that you can pay the fee. I never accept less than one hundred guineas." "Then I must go blind and remain so, for I have only twenty pounds," said the man. But the great doctor replied: "You cannot come up to my terms, and I cannot come down to yours, but there is another way open to us—I can perform the operation gratis, and that is what I am willing to do." So fallen man cannot come up to the conditions laid down for him in the divine law, and God cannot in His righteousness and holiness set aside the law and accept even the best that man could give. There was another way open; God found a way through the Lord Jesus Christ to pay the penalty of man's sin and give him the free gift of salvation through faith in His Son.—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

And when in heavenly glory
My ransomed soul shall be,
From sin and all pollution
Forever, ever free,
I'll cast my crown beforo Him,
And loud His grace extol,—
"Thou hest Thyself redeemed me;
Yes, Thou hast done it all."—Selected.

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