Riches Sermon Illustrations

Riches Sermon Illustrations

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True Wealth

"How does it feel to be a millionaire?" George M. Pullman was asked.

"I have never thought of that," replied the maker of Pullman cars and owner of Pullman city; "but, now that you mention it, I believe that I am no better off—certainly not happier, than when I did not have a dollar to my name, and had to work from daylight till dark. I wore a good suit of clothes then, and I only wear one suit now. I relished three meals a day then a good deal more than I do three meals a day now. I had fewer cares, I slept better, and may add generally, that I believe I was far happier in those days than I have been many times since I became a millionaire.'

True wealth is found in the knowledge of Christ and of His great salvation and in the possession of the real abiding riches which He bestows on all who believe in Him.
The heart can never be satisfied with anything of the world, and the world passes away.—Scattered Seed.

Sending Treasures Home

I once had friends who were traveling abroad for several years. They intended to build a home on their return, and the dream of the home that was to be went with them in all their journeying. When they could secure a beautiful picture, statue, or vase, they purchased it, and sent it home to await their coming. Rare and curious treasure which would afterward be linked with happy memories they forwarded for their future enjoyment. I love to think that we are doing the same for our heavenly Home in these pilgrimage days on earth. The kindly deed that made a rare picture in somebody's life, the little sacrifice that blossomed into joy, the helpful friendship,—all these we shall find again; and the patience we have gained, the "song iii the night" that we have learned, whatever of beauty, tenderness, faith, or love we can put into other lives or our own will be among our treasures in Heaven!Forward.

His Great Danger

As a Christian man was passing out of a church he met an old acquaintance whom he had not seen for several years. In their brief interview he said to his acquaintance, "I understand you are in great danger." It was said seriously, and was heard with surprise. The friend addressed was not aware of any danger and eagerly inquired what was meant. The answer was, "I have been informed that you are getting rich."—Sunday School Tunes.

Riches and Poverty of Christ.

My Master was so very poor,
A manger was His cradling place;
So very rich my Master was—
Kings came from far to gain His grace.

My Master was so very poor,
And with the poor He brake the bread;
So very rich my Master was
That multitudes by Him were fed.

My Master was so very poor,
They nailed Him naked to a Cross;
So very rich my Master was
He gave His all and knew no loss.

(Luke 2. 12; 9. 58; 2 Cor. 8. 9)

But Satan now is wiser than of yore,
And tempts by making rich, not making poor.—Pope

Go you that boast of all your stores,
And tell how bright they shine;
Your heaps of glittering dust are yours,
But my Redeemer's mine.—Selected

A distinguished man lay on his death-bed, when a great mark of distinction and honor was brought to him. Turning a cold glance on the treasure he would once have clutched with an eager grasp, he said with a sigh, "Alas! this is a very fine thing in this country, but I am going to a country where it will be of no use to me."—Haven

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