Remembrance Sermon Illustrations

Remembrance Sermon Illustrations

When Ulysses, during his wanderings through those seas and among those islands about which we heard much in connection with the fighting between the Greeks and Italians, was leaving the enchanted isle where Calypso lived, Calypso came down to the beach as Ulysses was departing on his raft and said to him, "Say good-by to me, but not to the thought of me."

Christ was soon to be separated from his disciples, but he told them not to say good-by to the thought of him. He would not be forgotten by his friends—not merely, like the enchantress, for the sake of being remembered, but also for their good from age to age.

Let us forget the things that vexed and tried us,
The worrying things that caused our souls to fret,
The hopes that, cherished long, were still denied us,
Let us forget.

Let us forget the little slights that pained us,
The greater wrongs that rankle sometimes yet;
The pride with which some lofty one disdained us,
Let us forget.

But blessings manifold, past all deserving,
Kind words and helpful deeds, a countless throng;
The fault o'ercome, the rectitude unswerving
Let us remember long.

The sacrifice of love, the generous giving,
When friends were few, that handclasp warm and strong,
The fragrance of each life of holy living,
Let us remember long.

Whatever things were good and true and gracious
Whate'er of right has triumphed over wrong,
What love of God or man has rendered precious,
Let us remember long.

(Phil. 1. 3; 3. 13; 4. 8)

Do You Remeber When?

In a day when even all the pre-school youngsters talk glibly about astronauts and atomic bombs and the world seems to quiver in fright of awesome developments, L. A. Corey, writing in the Oklahoma Ranch and Farm World at Tulsa, asks if you remember when:

Dobbin knew "giddap" and "whoa" meant "stop" and "go"?

Tanglefoot was death to the fly?
Halley's Comet glowed in the sky?
There was a "horn" on the lamp wick?
Winter bedcovers seemed a foot thick?
We used wooden churn and dasher?
Mom had a hand-carved potato masher?
"Rheumatiz" forecast the weather?
Tying an animal was called tether?
Mom set up her quilting frame?
The Youth's Companion came?
The Titanic went down?
We thrilled to a trip to town?
You never heard "OK"?
Threshing was a red letter day?
All business was a "money making scheme"?
Perpetual motion, the inventor's dream?
Swimming was in birthday clothes?
We stubbed our barefoot toes?
Green apples caused a belly ache?
The kitchen range was fired to bake?
The water keg had a cob stopper?
We used a screen wire corn popper?
Wall Street was no farmer's friend?
(Folks said they rigged supply and demand).
The King heater warmed us by its fire?
Rain turned all roads to mire?
Flu was called grippe?
You made that first train trip?
Dry wagon axles swore loud and shrill?
Home remedies really made you ill?
Wagon wheels soaked in the creek?
Fun was mumble peg, cob fight, hide and seek?
We had button shoes and coffee mills?
Life existed before the "Age of Pills"?

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