Reformers Sermon Illustrations

Reformers Sermon Illustrations

LOUISE—"The man that Edith married is a reformer."
JULIA—"How did he lose his money?"—Judge.

He was earnestly but prosily orating at the audience. "I want land reform," he wound up, "I want housing reform, I want educational reform, I want—"

And said a bored voice in the audience: "Chloroform."

The young woman sat before her glass and gazed long and earnestly at the reflection there. She screwed up her face in many ways. She fluffed her hair and then smoothed it down again; she raised her eyes and lowered them; she showed her teeth and she pressed her lips tightly together. At last she got up, with a weary sigh, and said:

"It's no use. I'll be some kind of reformer."

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