Rahab Sermon Illustrations

Rahab Sermon Illustrations

Rise up, rise up, Rahab,
And bind the scarlet thread
On the casement of thy chamber,
When the battle waxeth red.

From the double feast of Gilgal,
From Jordan's cloven wave,
They come with sound of trumpet,
With banner and with glaive.

Death to the foes of Israel!
But joy to thee and thine,
To her who saved the spies of God,
Who shows the scarlet line.

'Twas in the time of harvest,
When the corn lay on the earth,
That first she bound the signal
And bade the spies go forth.

For a cry came to her spirit
From the fair Egyptian coasts,
And a dread was in her bosom
Of the mighty Lord of Hosts.

And the faith of saints and martyrs
Lay brave at her heart's core,
As some inward pulse were throbbing
Of the kingly line she bore.—C. F. Alexander

(Josh. 2. 18-21; 6. 23-25; Heb. 11. 31; James 2. 25)

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