Questions Sermon Illustrations

Questions Sermon Illustrations

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The Unanswerable Questions

Some years ago, a Scottish friend of mine, while walking the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa, happened to glance in the gutter, and saw a piece of paper on which was written in large letters: 'Five thousand pounds reward!'

Moved with curiosity, to say nothing of the desire to possess the substantial reward, he stooped down and retrieved the paper. It turned out to be a four page gospel tract. On opening it he read: 'Five thousand pounds will be paid to the person or persons who can answer the following question: "How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation"?' Needless to say, the reward remains unclaimed unto this day!—Alfred P. Gibbs

(Heb. 2. 3)

An American student, rather nervous, had to take an examination which had two parts, oral and written. He did not mind the written examination, but looked forward to the oral exam with some misgivings. Asking advice of one of his friends, he was told that it would be fatal to show any hesitancy, as the examiners would put that down to ignorance. He must give some sort of answer, or, if he did not know any answer, try to give the impression that he had a good knowledge of the subject.

Entering the examination room, he was asked by one of the oral examiners a difficult question in science related to a sphere or branch of that particular subject with which he was not at all familiar Nevertheless, he put on a good face and, not being able to give any answer to the question, he said, 'I'm sorry, I've covered that ground and know the answer, but have just forgotten it for the moment.'

`What a tragedy!' said the examiner, `Scientists have been searching for an answer to that question for the last two thousand years.'

(Heb. 2. 3)

Challenging Questions

Oh, friends, better load up with a few interrogation points. You cannot afford to be silent when God and the Bible and the things of eternity are assailed. Your silence gives consent to the bombardment of your Father's house; you allow a slur to be cast on your mother's dying pillow. On behalf of the Christ Who for you went through the agonies of crucifixion on the rocky bluff back of Jerusalem, you dare not face a sickly joke. Better load up with a few questions, so that

next time you will be ready. Say to the scoffer, 'My dear sir, will you tell me what makes the difference between the condition of women in China and the United States? What do you think of the Sermon on the Mount? How do you like the Golden rule laid down in the Scriptures? Are you in favor of the Ten Commandments? In your large and extensive reading have you come across a lovelier character than Jesus Christ? Will you please to name the triumphant death-beds of Infidels and Atheists? How do you account for the fact that among the out-and-out believers of Christianity were such persons as Benjamin Franklin, John Ruskin, Thomas Carlyle, Babington Macaulay, William Penn, Walter Scott, Charles Kingsley, Horace Bushnell, James A. Garfield, Robert E. Lee? How do you account for their fondness for the Christian religion? Among the innumerable colleges and universities of the earth, will you name me three started by infidels and now supported by infidels? Down in your heart are you really happy in the position you occupy antagonistic to the Christian religion? Go at him with a few such questions and he will look at his watch and say he has an engagement, and must go.—Dr. Talmage

(Isa. 41. 21; 1 Pet. 3. 15)

Christ, the Master's Question

Have ye looked for my sheep in the desert,
For those who have missed the way?
Have ye been in the wild, waste places,
Where the lost and wandering stray?
Have ye trodden the lonely highway,
The foul and darksome street?
It may be you'd see in the gloaming
The print of My wounded feet.

Have ye carried the living water
To the parched and weary soul?
Have ye said to the sick and wounded,
`Christ Jesus can make thee whole?'
Have ye told My fainting children
Of the strength of the Father's hand?
Have ye guided the tottering footsteps
To the shore of the Golden Land?

Have ye stood by the sad and weary,
To soothe the pillow of death,
To comfort the sorrow-stricken,
And strengthen the feeble faith?
And have ye felt, when the glory
Has streamed through the open door,
And flitted across the shadows,
That there I have been before?

Have ye wept with the broken-hearted
In their agony and woe?
Ye might hear Me whispering beside you,
"Tis the pathway I often go.'

(Luke 15. 4-6; Acts 1. 8; 20. 35)

Some questions never get answered in this life. There isn't time enough and we are not wise enough. We must hang them up and let them hang until eternity. There will be time enough then, and we shall be wise enough.—Selected

The more questions a woman asks the fewer answers she remembers.—Wasp.

It was a very hot day and the fat drummer who wanted the twelve-twenty train got through the gate at just twelve-twenty-one. The ensuing handicap was watched with absorbed interest both from the train and the station platform. At its conclusion the breathless and perspiring knight of the road wearily took the back trail, and a vacant-faced "red-cap" came out to relieve him of his grip.

"Mister," he inquired, "was you tryin' to ketch that Pennsylvania train?"

"No, my son," replied the patient man. "No; I was merely chasing it out of the yard."

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