Pride Sermon Illustrations

Pride Sermon Illustrations

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His "Trumpet"

Humorous incidents happen even on the mission field. I think that it was in an African village that a native Christian went to the village merchant to purchase a pair of shoes. He was fitted out with a suitable pair, and went away happy. Some weeks later he brought the shoes back. "Did they not fit? Were they not good?" asked the merchant. "Yes." "Then why are you returning them?" "Because they don't have any squeak." It appeared that the man wanted a pair of shoes that would squeak as he walked up the aisle of the church. He wanted something that would draw attention to himself. That type of Christian is as old as the church.Christian Union Herald

Safe Righteousness

A man may with utter sincerity trust in his own life as sufficient to justify him before God, but he has no conception of how searching is the judgment storm that is coming. The builder of the first Eddystone Lighthouse was so enamored of his designs and workmanship that he said, "I wish nothing better than to be in my building in a storm." He was; and neither he nor the lighthouse was ever heard of again. There is only one righteousness which will stand the hurricane of judgment. A London clergyman, called to the garret of a dying man, found him plunged into anxiety over the mystery of a torn text. A stray leaf from a torn Testament had caught his eye. It was part of Romans 3. He read the portrait of the sinner, and recog­nized it as his own; but as he read on—"But now the righteousness of God with­out the law is"—the leaf was torn off. "Is what?" cried the dying man. What worlds on worlds hang on the answer! Withheld, refused, withdrawn, forgotten, cancelled? The rest of the verse he drank in as life to the soul—"is manifested."—The Dawn.

When Self Gets in the Way

"Some of us are so full of ourselves," says a writer in the Canadian Baptist, "and our busy servings, that we cannot see Christ in all His beauty. Some years ago, when I was away on a preaching appointment, my wife and little daughter stayed at the home of a friend. On the bedroom wall, just over the head of the bed in which they slept, there was a picture of the Lord Jesus, which was reflected in the large mirror of the dressing table standing in the bay of the bedroom window. When my little daughter woke on her first morning there, she saw the picture reflected in the mirror while she still lay in bed, and exclaimed, 'Oh, Mummy, I can see Jesus through the mirror!' Then she quickly kneeled up to take a better look, but in so doing brought her own body between the picture and the mirror, so that instead of seeing the picture of Jesus reflected, she now saw herself. So she lay down again, and again she saw the picture of Jesus. She was up and down several times after that with her eyes fixed on the mirror, Then she said, `Mummy, when I can't see myself, I can see Jesus; but every time I see myself, I don't see Him.' How true it is that when self fills the vision we do not see Jesus!"Sunday School Times.

No Place for Pride

Two ladies at Shanghai once got to talking about Mr. Taylor, wondering if he was ever tempted to be proud. One of the ladies went and asked Mrs. Taylor. She did not know. But Mrs. Taylor went and asked Mr. Taylor. He was surprised and inquired, "Proud about what?" Mrs. Taylor replied, "Why, about the things you have done." Then immediately came this beautiful answer, "I never knew I had done anything." And Mr. Taylor was right; he never had done anything, for it was God who had wrought in and through him. Only, there was this dif­ference between this man of God and some other persons: he knew it, and others do not. As it was with Mr. Taylor, so should it be with us. When we have done all, greatly and grandly, then let us say, "We are but unprofitable servants," and so give the glory of our successful service to God, to Him alone. China's Millions.

Why She Went to Church

A milliner says that one day a woman came into the store, and wanted the trimming on her new hat changed, saying it had been trimmed on the wrong side. "But," said the saleslady, "the trimming is on the left side. That is where it ought to be." "It doesn't make any difference where it ought to be, .. . it's got to be on the church side." "Church side!" gasped the astonished girl. "Yes, I sit next to the wall. I want it on the other side so the whole congregation can see it." And that hat applies to many other things, in men as well as women, that distract from true worship.Sunday School Times.

Letting Her Down

A girl went to a Catholic priest and confessed that she had incurred the sin of vanity. "What makes you think that?" asked the priest. "Because every morning, when I look into the mirror," she replied, "I think how beautiful I am." "Never fear," said the priest, "that isn't sin—that's just a mistake." Some fancy they have attained sinless perfection, but the mirror of the Word of God should be sufficient to show them that it is a mistake. The nearer men come to Christ, the more they feel how immeasurably short they fall of the beauty of holiness found in Him.Sunday School Times

Expensive Chandeliers Not the Secret

I recollect a little town where there was a chapel, the people connected with which thought that if they could only buy a chandelier that was on sale, they would cut out all the other chapels entirely, and everybody would feel that they were made weighty and respectable people, and that the place would be filled with people to see the chandelier. I believe for a time it was, but its light grew dim, and they found that was not the way in which the light of the kingdom of God was to be spread.—C. H. Spurgeon.

Pride Is a Weed

Plants grow only in certain soils, or at certain heights, or under certain lines of latitude. Unlike these, pride is a weed that, springing up in every heart, grows at all elevations—as well in the humblest as in the highest stations of life; and under every system of religion, the true as well as the false.—Gospel Herald.

His Boy's Admiring Question

I have heard of a boy whose father was forever telling of his exploits at Bull Run, and Gettysburg, and Cold Harbor, who listened one day while the sire waxed eloquent afresh over the same tales. When he concluded, the astonished admiring son said, "Father, did anyone help you put down the rebellion?" Mark Guy Pearse said, "My faith in perfection is very weak when I look at others; it is extinguished altogether when I look at myself."Sunday School Times.

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