Presence of Christ Sermon Illustrations

Presence of Christ Sermon Illustrations

When in the city of Aberdeen, my good host took me round the granite city, pointing out the places of importance and acting as my guide to the places for which the city was deservedly noted. I remarked on the absence of slums in the granite city, and he said, 'Well, there are just a few streets where the people are very poor, and the tenements are not so imposing as the other buildings in Aberdeen. Would you like to visit one of these streets?' he asked. I said I would very much like to see such a place if it did exist in their granite town. He took me to one of the back streets and, as we walked along, he pointed up to one of the tenement rooms about three storey up, and said, 'Do you see that room there? Formerly, there was a fine old saint of God living there. She was well known everywhere for her cheerfulness amid much poverty and sickness, and was always radiant with the beauty of Christ. Once, when an evangelist was preaching at the Gordon Mission, he was told about this sister and went to visit her. When he went in and saw her bright radiant face, in the midst of such poverty, he said to her, 'My dear sister, they tell me the Lord Jesus Christ visits this place."Na, na l ma laddie, ye're wrang!' was her reply. Thinking she was a bit hard of hearing and had not caught his words, he repeated what he had said, and again she replied, 'Ye're wrang! ye're wrang!' Convinced now that she must be very deaf, he fairly shouted into her ear, 'Sister, doesn't the Lord Jesus Christ visit your home?' Shaking her head again, she said, `Ye're wrang ye're wrang! He bides here.'

(Gal. 2. 20; Matt. 28. 20)

Samuel Rutherford, writing from prison in Aberdeen three centuries ago, persecuted for his faith, and writing his famous 'Letters' to his parishioners, ended one of them with this sentence: 'Jesus Christ came into my prison-cell last night, and every stone in it glowed like a ruby.'—Indian Christian

(Luke 24. 15, 32; 2 Tim. 4. 17)

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