Preachers Sermon Illustrations

Preachers Sermon Illustrations

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It was related of Dr. Norman Hall that one morning very early, he stood on the summit of Snowden in Wales with 120 others attracted by the prospect of a beautiful sunrise. As they stood watching the sun tinge the mountains and lakes, Dr. Hall was called upon to give a message. He was so overpowered with emotion that he could not speak, but he began to pray and noticed that tears rained down the faces of the people. A superhuman stillness came over them all and they quietly dispersed.

Years later Dr. Hall was visiting the same place and was reminded of the previous occasion by one who told him that forty had been converted that morning. 'But I did not preach to them,' he said, 'I only prayed.'

'Stranger still,' said his friend, 'none of them could speak English and they couldn't under­stand your prayer.' God had spoken.

(Zech. 4. 6; 1 Cor. 2. 3-5)

Lines written of Dr. Elmslie.

He held the lamp of truth that day
So low that none need miss the way,
And yet so high, to bring in sight
That picture fair, the world's great Light,
That, gazing up, the lamp between,
The hand that held it scarce was seen.

He held the pitcher, stooping low,
To lips of little ones below,
Then raised it to the weary saint
And bade him drink when sick and faint.
They drank—the pitcher thus between,
The hand that held it scarce was seen.

He blew the trumpet soft and clear

That trembling sinners need not fear,
And then with louder note and bold
To raze the walls of Satan's hold.
The trumpet coming thus between,
The hand that held it scarce was seen.

And when the Captain says, 'Well done!
Thou good and faithful servant, come,
Lay down the pitcher and the lamp,
Lay down the trumpet—leave the camp,'
The weary hands will then be seen
Clasped in His pierced ones, naught between.

(2 Cor. 4. 5-8; 2 Tim. 4. 6-8)

Late one Saturday night a man called to see a preacher. 'You cannot see him,' said his wife, 'he's buried in his sermon.

'The lady was right,' said the caller, who heard the sermon next day.

A colored deacon who was the leader in a congregation down South, wrote to the bishop to explain the need of a minister for the church. He concluded his appeal as follows:

"Send us a Bishop to preach. If you can't send us a Bishop, send us a Sliding Elder. If you can't send a Sliding Elder, send us a Stationary Preacher. If you can't spare him, send us a Circus Eider. If you can't spare him, send us a Locust Preacher. And if you can't send a Locust Preacher, send us an Exhauster."

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