Preachers Sermon Illustrations

Preachers Sermon Illustrations

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"Wrong Stuff" for the Sick

In a school examination the examiner put the question, "What is false doctrine?" Up went a little boy's hand, and there came the answer, "It's when the doctor gives the wrong stuff to the people who are sick." False doctrine (doctorine) indeed! Reports of sermons that we see in the press, and that we hear from some preachers, show that there are pulpit doctors who are giving the "wrong stuff" to sin-sick souls.Sunday School Times.

Fact or Fiction?

A minister asked Macready, the actor, "Why do you draw out crowds to see you act while no one comes to hear me preach?" and received the answer, "I act my fiction as though it were fact; you preach your facts as though they were fiction!" Nowhere is it easier to play with the gospel than in the ministry. With a pleasing personality, a gift of eloquence, a fine moral character and plenty of business sense, one can take the gospel for a football and make a great many goals. But preaching is no game, and woe unto him who plays at it, whether he pipe or whether he mourn!—Vance Havner, in Revelation.

Why the Sermon Went Home

Once, after a certain Philadelphia minister had completed the service, as he was leaving the pulpit, he was met by an old colored man, a former slave. The tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he said: "Oh, Massa Allen! dat was a heap good sermon yo' gave us today. I understood ev'ry word. Yo' preached just as if yo' was one of us niggers." The minister was delighted with the compliment. It was one of the best he had ever received.Christian Herald.

He Knew What to Expect

A preacher friend told us of this experience: He recently met a prominent citizen of his community whom he had noticed in attendance at his church on several occasions. At this meeting he questioned him as to his church membership, by way of introducing a more important question. The man responded: "Oh, I belong to Dr. Blank's church. When I want to hear about Dumbarton Oaks I go to my own church. When I want to hear about God I go to yours." Enough said.—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

What They Missed

A brilliant young preacher went to his first church, full of pride, learning, and forensic ability. His congregation had a certain pride, too, in this newly acquired product of the theological seminary, with two degrees after his name and many ohs! and ahs! after his breathless perorations. But they missed something. One day when the young man entered his pulpit, crammed with reason and rhetoric, he saw a note pinned on his pulpit sofa, bearing the legend, "Sir, we would see Jesus." The fire died on the altar of learning that day. Ere he returned to the pulpit again he had built another altar, and above it was a form like unto the Son of man, and they who came to be thrilled, remained to pray. On a later Sunday the young minister found another note pinned on the pulpit sofa, which read, "Then were the disciples glad when they saw the Lord."—Revival Pulpit.

"I love those that thunder out the Word," said Whitefield. "The Christian world is in a deep sleep. Nothing but a loud voice can awaken them out of it."

"Nothing is more indecent that a dead of Heaven that he hears a great many preacher speaking to dead sinners the things that we don't get near enough to living truth of the living God."—Baxter.

Popular Preaching

Amaziah's attitude toward the mes­sage of Amos (Amos 7:12, 13) reminds us much of the lines of Charlotte Perkins Gilman:

Preach about the other man, Preacher!
The man we all can see!
The man of oaths, the man of strife,
The man who drinks and beats his wife,
Who helps his mates to fret and shirk
When all they need is to keep at work—
Preach about the other man, Preacher!
Not about me!Sunday School Times.

The Best Source of Instruction

It is related that one of his hearers once asked, "How is it that Mr. Bramwell always has something that is new to tell us when he preaches?" "Why," said the person interrogated, "you see, Brother Bramwell lives so near the gates of heaven that he hears a great many things that we don't get near enough to hear anything."—C. H. Spurgeon

I had the privilege of a great friendship with Dr. Parker in the last ripe years of his life, and I was in his vestry one day when a man came in. Dr. Parker had preached that morning a great sermon, and this man said, 'I want to thank you for that sermon. It did me good.'

Dr. Parker looked at him and said: 'Sir, I preached it because it had done me good.' He had given a message that had come out of his own life, something that had gripped him.—Dr. G. Campbell Morgan

(Matt. 13. 52; 2 Cor. 4. 5; Gal. 1. 15, 16)

'God had only one Son, and He made Him a Preacher.' Like his great Master, Teacher and Example, every preacher should have—

  1. The innocence of a lamb

  2. The wisdom of an owl

  3. The cheerfulness of a cricket

  4. The friendliness of a squirrel

  5. The complacency of a camel

  6. The adaptability of a chameleon

  7. The diligence of a beaver

  8. The fleetness of a deer

  9. The vision of an eagle

  10. The agility of a panther

  11. The patience of an ox

  12. The endurance of an elephant

  13. The tenacity of a bulldog

  14. The strength and courage of a lion.

(Mark 1. 38, 39; 1 Cor. 9. 16; 19-23)

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