Numbers Sermon Illustrations

Numbers Sermon Illustrations

One—unity, light: hence light in the soul and spiritual rebirth. There are two words in Hebrew, 'echad' signifying a collective unit (Deut. 6. 4) and `yacheid' (Gen. 22. 2).

Two—separation, division: hence redemption and witness (Exod. 8. 23). God's witnesses were in pairs and Christ's apostles were sent out two by two.

Three—Trinity, Divine perfection (Isa. 6. 3; Num. 6. 23-27). God is Spirit, Light and Love. The tabernacle had three parts. The inscription on the Cross was in three languages. Christ's temptation was threefold and His resurrection on the third day. There were three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Four—creation and the material world which was constructed on the fourth day. There are four seasons and four directions; there were four world empires. In the presenta­tion of the life of our Lord four 'Gospels' are used. The good seed of the Word of God falls on four kinds of soil in the field which is the world.

Five—Divine grace and power amid human weakness. Israel went out from Egypt five in a rank. There were five ingredients in the anointing oil and the sweet incense.

Six—the number of man. Man was created on the sixth day. The giant, Goliath, was six cubits high and had six pieces of armor. The golden image in Dan. 3. was sixty cubits by six. Six words are used in the Bible for 'man', and the number of man—in Rev. 13—is 666.

Seven—spiritual perfection. In Isa. 11. 2 there is a sevenfold description of the Spirit resting on Christ. There are seven spirits in Revelation, and the 'new song' is mentioned seven times in the New Testament.

Eight—resurrection and regeneration. Eight persons were saved in the ark. The eighth day was the day of circumcision. There are 8 authors in the New Testament, and 88 occurrences of the Lord's title—`Son of man'.

Nine—finality. Nine is the last of the digits. Amen occurs 99 times in the Bible. On the cross our Lord cried at the ninth hour, 'Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit'. The fruit of the Spirit is ninefold, and the gifts of the Spirit are nine.

Ten—perfection of order. In Gen. 1. 'And God said' occurs ten times. God gave ten commandments on Sinai. The holiest of all in the Tabernacle was 10 x 10 x 10. The Millenn­ium will be 10 x 10 x 10 years.

Eleven—disorganization, disintegration. Eleven sons of Jacob in Gen. 32. 22: Joseph, the long-lost son, saw eleven stars in his dreams (Gen. 37. 9).

Twelve—governmental perfection. There were twelve tribes and twelve apostles. On the tree of life there will be twelve fruits. The new Jerusalem is described as having 12 foundations and 12 gates.  

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