Nothing Sermon Illustrations

Nothing Sermon Illustrations

It was in a commercial hotel. A few travelers were present, comparing notes and gossiping on all sorts of topics. Some of them were Christians, and ready to take advantage of any opportunity that arose of testifying for their Master. One of them, addressing another, said: 'Rees is here and boasting loudly that he is ready to tackle any Christian about their religion and knock the bottom out of all their arguments in support of it. What do you say to meeting him?' The other replied, 'Very well, I'll meet him: arrange it as soon as you can.' Rees was a bold and blatant infidel, who boasted he could upset the Christian faith and confute its ablest defenders. The Christian who calmly undertook its defense believed his faith, founded upon the Holy Scriptures, to be impregnable, and feared no defeat.

The arrangements were soon made, the opponents facing each other, and an eager audience looked on. The Christian opened the discussion with the Bible on his knee, and, pointing to it, said: 'You say that the things in this Book are nothing to you?' I do,' said the infidel, boldly. 'You say that the salvation it speaks of for saving a lost humanity is nothing to you?' I do,' again replied the other. 'And,' went on the Christian, 'you say that the Savior that this Book speaks of, whose name is Jesus, the Son of God Who shed His blood on the Cross of Calvary for sinners, is nothing to you?' I do,' replied the infidel emphatically.

'Well!' answered the believer, 'don't you think that all the people around us here would put us down as a pair of arrant fools to have an argument about Nothing? Man, if there is nothing in it, and you're quite sure of it, why do you bother your head about it? As there's nothing in it, why

trouble about it? No man interests himself much about nothing! Why, you can't even defend nothing, for there's nothing to defend! And why attack that which, by your own admission, has nothing in it.'

(Lam. 1. 12)

Nothing to Pay

Nothing to pay?—No, not a whit;
Nothing to do?—no, not a bit;
All that was needed to do or to pay
Jesus has done in His own blessed way.

Nothing to do?—No, not a stroke;
Gone is the captor, gone is the yoke;
Jesus at Calvary severed the chain,
And none can imprison His freeman again.

Nothing to fear?—No, not a jot;
Nothing unclean?—no, not a spot;
Christ is my peace, and I've nothing at stake;
Satan can neither harass nor shake.

Nothing to settle?—All has been paid;
Nothing of anger?—Peace has been made;
Jesus alone is the sinner's resource;
Peace He has made by the blood of His cross.

What about judgment?—I'm thankful to say
Jesus has met it and borne it away;
Drank it all up when He hung on the tree,
Leaving a cup full of blessing to me.

What about terror?—It hasn't a place
In a heart that is filled with a sense of His grace;
My peace is divine and it never can cloy,
And that makes my heart bubble over with joy.

What about death?—It hasn't a sting;
The grave to a Christian no terror can bring,
For death has been conquered, the grave has been spoiled,
And every foe of his armor despoiled.

(Luke 7. 42; John 19. 30; Rom. 4. 4, 5; 1 Cor. 15. 54-57)

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