New Birth Sermon Illustrations

New Birth Sermon Illustrations

Mr. Spurgeon tells of a simple countryman who took his gun to the gunsmith for repairs. After examining it, the latter said: 'Your gun is in a very worn-out, ruinous, good-for-nothing condition. What sort of repairing do you want for it?'

`Well,' said the countryman, 'I don't see as I can do with anything short of a new stock, lock, and barrel. That ought to set it up again.'

`Why,' said the smith, 'you had better have a new gun altogether.'

`Ah,' was the reply, 'I never thought of that. It strikes me that's just what I do want, a new stock, lock and barrel. Why, that's about equal to a new gun altogether, and that's what I'll have.'

That is just what God says concerning poor human nature 'A new man altogether'.—Prairie Overcomer

(2 Cor. 5. 17)

A leper may cover all his spots with his garment; but he is still a leper. So the sinner may reform in all the externals of his life, so that he shall attain to the moral finery of Saul of Tarsus, or Nicodemus, a master in Israel; but, except he be born again from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God.—Bate

An old Scotchman, who was converted was asked why he was not more humble, and why he did not say he hoped he was saved or trusted that he was saved. He turned around—I will never forget his answer—"Why!" he said, "mon alive, I was there when it was done."—Selected

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