May Sermon Illustrations

May 7, 2010

God in the Home

Dr. Beiderwolf relates the following interesting incident: "The story is told of a little Japanese girl who studied at an American College and spent a Christmas vacation in the home of one of her classmates. She had seen much else in America, but the thing she longed most of all to see on the inside was a Christian home, and such a home this one was known to be. She had a delightful time and as she was about to leave at the end of the vacation time the mother said, `How do you like the way we American folks live?' `Oh,' she said, `I love it. Your home is beautiful. But there is one thing I miss,' said the girl with a faraway look in her eyes. 'It is this that makes your home seem queer to me. You know I have been with you to your church and I have seen you worship your God there. But I have missed the God in your home. You know, in Japan, we have a god-shelf in every home, with the gods right there in the house. Do not Americans worship their God in their homes?'"

Christianity can never leaven our country unless it pervades the home life.—Selected.

Subjects: Family Altar, Worship

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