May Sermon Illustrations

May 5, 2010

In a great passage, one of the noblest in English prose and one of the most inspiring for young men, John Milton said that he was kept back from the vices and immoralities which stained the lives of his fellow students at Christ College, Cambridge, because he had "a just and pious reverence for his own person." In another passage he gives two reasons why a man ought not to sin against God and against himself. The first is the dignity of God's image upon him by creation, and the second the price of his redemption. "He thinks himself both a fit person to do the noblest and goodliest deeds, and much better worth than to defile with such a debasement and pollution as sin is, himself, so highly ransomed and ennobled to a new friendship and filial relation with God."

Subjects: Reverence, Respectability

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