May Sermon Illustrations

May 31, 2010

Name of Jesus

Dr. Stewart tells of a little company of Russian peasants who had met for worship, knowing full well their gathering was illegal. While their worship was proceeding, suddenly the door was flung open and there entered an agent of the secret police, with a body of men. 'Take these peoples' names,' he commanded. The names were written down. One old man stopped him and said, 'There is one name you have not got.' The Officer said in surprise, 'I assure you you are mistaken. I have them all.' The peasant insisted that one name was missing from his list.

'Well, we'll prove it. We'll count again.
Thirty!—you see,' said the officer, 'I have them all, every one.'
But still the peasant persisted, 'There is one name you haven't got.'
'Who is it then?' asked the officer.
'The Lord Jesus Christ,' was the answer, 'He is here.'
'All!' answered the officer, 'that is a different matter.'

(Matt. 18. 20; Phil. 2. 10)

Subjects: Names, Jesus

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