May Sermon Illustrations

May 25, 2010

Trial of Jesus—From a Lawyer's Standpoint

No other literature bears the historic scrutiny as well as the New Testament biographies. If the Gospel historians be not worthy of belief we are without rational faith in secular annals of the human race.

All the forms of law were outraged and trampled underfoot in the proceedings, errors so monstrous and proceedings so flagrant, many have doubted the existence of a trial. The arrest was illegal—his private examination illegal—before Annas or Caiaphas—his indictment illegal, in form, proceedings of the Sanhedrin against him illegal—because conducted at night before offering of sacrifice and on a day preceding Jewish Sabbath, trial illegal because within one day, the execution of condemnation illegal because founded on uncorroborated confession of Himself.—The Lamp.

Subjects: Jesus, Trials

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