May Sermon Illustrations

May 24, 2010

Gift of Laughter

After a hard day's work in serious discussions, Theodore Cuyler and Charles H. Spurgeon went out into the country together for a holiday. They roamed the fields in high spirits like boys let loose from school, chatting and laughing and free from care. Dr. Cuyler had just told a story at which Pastor Spurgeon laughed uproariously. Then suddenly he turned to Dr. Cuyler and exclaimed:

"Theodore, let's kneel down and thank God for laughter!"

And there, on the green carpet of grass, under the trees, two of the world's greatest men knelt and thanked the dear Lord for the bright and joyous; gift of laughter.

There is no antagonism between prayer and laughter. One is conclusive of spiritual health, the other of physical health.—S. S. World.

Subjects: Joy, Laughter, Happiness

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