May Sermon Illustrations

May 22, 2010

God's Beauty Amid Man's Wreckage

With a lavish hand the divine Artist still decks earth and sky and sea in gorgeous colors. In keeping with His promise to Noah, He has sent another spring­time and summer to this troubled world. Knowing our frame, He provides relief from the sad scenes and thoughts of war. A letter received a year ago from a little land that has been devasted by war for the second time in our generation contains a triumphant note of true Christian thankfulness. "Some of the small parks of Brussels," wrote Dr. Vansteenberghe, co-director of the Belgian Gospel Mission, "are ravishing at this time with their trees in bloom. In spite of the carnage that goes on around us the work of God in nature continues. We had much encouragement in that. I love to look at the little flowers which cast a note of joy into the grass plots and the parks. They bloom, spreading their beauty without care for the evil times that we are now experiencing. I ask for myself that grace of being able to spread abroad the sweet savor of Christ with­out being troubled by events."—Sunday School Times.

Subjects: Nature, Beauty

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