May Sermon Illustrations

May 18, 2010

Some advice about marriage in the form of five "don'ts," for some people can remember a negative more easily than a positive assertion.

First, to the young man:
1) Don't marry a woman who does not pray.
2) Don't marry a bad-tempered or jealous woman.
3) Don't marry a woman who loves the moving pictures and the matinee more than the home.
4) Don't marry a woman who drinks. It is bad enough when a woman marries a man who drinks, infinitely worse when a man marries a woman who drinks.
5) Unless you have plenty of money, or she has plenty of money, so that you can employ someone to do it for you, don't marry a woman who cannot cook or cannot learn to cook.

To the young woman:
1) Don't marry an unbeliever.
2) Don't marry a man of bad habits.
3) Don't marry a coffin man, that is, a man with room for himself and no one else.
4) Don't marry a peacock man, a conceited man.
5) Don't marry a man of low moral standards

Subjects: Marriage

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