May Sermon Illustrations

May 17, 2010

Two friends were inseparable. One day one of them heard a story about his friend, believed it without making enquiries as to its truth, and passed it on. As it went, it grew. His friend heard of it, and their friendship was broken. The man thus maligned was taken seriously ill and lay on his deathbed. His friend who had spread the slander, heard of his illness and came to see him, confess his wrong, and ask his forgiveness, which was readily given by the dying man.

`Now,' said the dying man, 'I want you to do something for me. Take my feather pillow and scatter the feathers in the garden.' Though he thought it a strange request, the visitor carried it out and returned to his friend's bedside. 'Now', said the dying man, `go and gather the feathers up again.' That is impossible,' said the other. 'Just so,' said the wronged man, 'I frankly and willingly forgive you for scattering those stories about me, but even my forgiveness cannot revoke the evil that has been done. Slanderous stories scattered abroad cannot be recalled.'

(Titus 3. 2; James 4. 11; 1 Pet. 2. 1)

Subjects: Slander

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