May Sermon Illustrations

May 16, 2010

Willing to Wash Windows

A neat, rather prepossessing young man applied to John Wanamaker for a job a number of years ago, in Philadelphia, and when told that there was no job for him, said, "I am willing to do anything."

Thinking to get rid of him, Mr. Wanamaker said, "The only job I have is a job of washing windows." "I will take it," said the young man. He washed those windows as they had never been washed. In time he became the manager of the great store.

When this manager died, after twenty-five years of splendid service, Mr. Wanamaker said, "I am willing to pay as high as one hundred thousand dollars a year for a manager who can fill the place of the one I lost."

What the Church needs is men and women who are willing to "wash windows" for the sake of the Kingdom.—Canadian Churchman.

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