Martyrs Sermon Illustrations

Martyrs Sermon Illustrations

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A week before the slaughter of the Ecuador missionaries, of whom Nate Saint was one, he was reading to his children before bedtime. As he read the account of Stephen's stoning, he broke down and wept over the martyr's wonderful spirit as he faced death. From various remarks he had made in recent weeks, we gather that he seemed to know that the effort was going to cost him his life.

Fortified by his mother's faith, little Stephen Saint (five years) inquired concerning his father: 'How long will it take him to get to Heaven?'—Life

Five years before, Jim Elliott, another of the Auca martyrs, wrote in his diary: 'When it comes time to die, make sure all you have to do is to die.'

(Phil. 1. 21; 2 Pet. 1. 14)

Hallowed martyrs, who with fervent zeal
And more than mortal courage greatly dared
To preach the name of Jesus; they, who stood
The undaunted champions of eternal truth,
Though maddened priests conspired, though princes frowned,
And persecution with ingenious rage
Prepared ten thousand torments.

(Matt. 23. 34-37; Acts 12. 2; 2 Tim. 4. 5; Heb. 11. 35-38)

The blood of martyrs, living still,
Makes the ground pregnant where it flows,
And for their temporary ill
Thereon eternal triumph grows.

(Gen. 4. 10; Matt. 23. 35)

The martyrs presented their bodies as living sacrifices in full assurance of submissive faith that their sorrows would not be in vain. 'Be of good cheer, Master Ridley,' said Latimer, as they stood bound at their stakes, `by the grace of God we shall this day light such a candle in England as shall never be put out.' And so it was.—A. C. Rose

(Acts 8. 2-5; 9. 4, 5, 15; 17. 6; 2 Tim. 4. 6)

Stephen the first Christian.

He heeded not reviling tones,
Nor sold his heart to idle moans,
Though cursed and scorned and bruised with stones;
But, looking upward, full of grace,
He prayed, and from that Holy Place
God's glory smote him on the face.

(Acts 7. 54-60)

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